How to roll back with Windows 10 Mobile

A new version of the operating system does not always suit the owner of the gadget: programmers can swap menu items, equip the smartphone with unnecessary options, or completely ruin the OS, as a result of which the device will work incorrectly. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the next Windows update, search engines receive thousands of requests on how to roll back Windows Mobile 10.

Microsoft has a strict update policy for its operating system and does not allow users to install different versions of Windows at will. If you have received an update, then you will no longer be able to remove Windows 10 and return to Windows Phone 8.1 - you will have to get used to the interface and functions of the new version of the "window" OS. So for ordinary users, the question of how to return Windows Background is closed.

Windows Insider Preview Rollback

Windows Insider Preview members who test preview builds of Windows have the option to roll back to a more stable version. To do this, use the program Windows Device Recovery Tool. The sequence of actions is as follows:

Step 1. Connect your smartphone to the computer, launch the Windows Device Recovery Tool application and select a mobile device. If the utility cannot recognize the device, press the button « Phone not found »

Step 2. In the next window, click the button " Reinstall software"

Step 3. Confirm the selection by pressing the button " Continue". The smartphone will roll back from Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview to a stable build of Windows 10 Mobile, after which it will reboot and prompt the user to complete the initial settings. Rolling back the OS will delete all data from the mobile device, so it's worth backing up important information in advance