How to restore remote contacts on android?

Random removal of any musical composition usually does not cause serious problems - you can always download it again. More difficult with photos, but here you can find a way out. The most difficult to the owner of the smartphone is in the event that contacts are removed by negligence. Fortunately, under certain conditions, you can return them.

Using Super Backup

Theoretically restore remote contacts can be used without the attraction of third-party. But we recommend regularly retrieving a backup of a phone book using Appendix Super Backup . In the future, you can use the same utility in order to return all your contacts. This method is great for those people who do not believe in the confidentiality of Google servers. So, install the application to your Android and make the following:

Step 1. Run the program.

Step 2. You can immediately go to " Settings" by selecting the path to save the file with the contacts. It is advisable in this case to use some folder on memory card.

Step 3. Next, go back to the main window to click on the item " Contact".

Step 4. Here you can back up or download contacts to the cloud service. But at first, in any case, a backup will be required, because it will be loaded into the cloud.

Step 5. When creating a file you will be asked to give it a name. It should consist of Latin letters, otherwise problems may arise with the further file load in the cloud.

Step 6. That's all! In the future, you can use this file to restore phone numbers on Android in case of their loss or purchase of a new device. When creating a file with contacts, you will be prompted to send it to email - this is also a good way to store it, albeit not the most reliable. And the program can automatically create a new backup file on schedule.

Synchronization with Google

Unfortunately, Super Backup restores contacts only using a backup. If you have not concerned with its creation, the application will not help you. It is curious that the same functionality is also available in the Android operating system itself. You can create a special file at any time containing all your contacts. But it is much easier to use synchronization with Google servers. In this case, the current copy of the phone book will be stored. If synchronization is turned off, it should be enabled as follows:

Step 1. Go to the smartphone menu and click on the " settings icon.

Step 2. In this section, click on " Accounts .

Step 3. Here, select Account Google. If necessary, tap your email address.

Step 4. This subsection configures synchronization parameters. You need to enable the checkbox about the " contacts".

If synchronization was previously enabled, you can download backup a phone to your smartphone at any time. This is done as follows:

Step 1. Go to the Device menu and click on the " contacts icon".

Step 2. Select " Additional steps", then click on " Restore contacts".

If you do not have the last item, it testifies either about the absence of a backup on the server, or about the relevance of your current phone book. Also, search the desired item can be in the subsection " Import / Export.

More To restore a backup, you can go to the page - here also there is a corresponding button.

Using computer programs

If you have not been enabled sync with Google as well A backup copy of the phone book was not created, then you can hope to return contacts using any computer program. But it requires to obtain root rights .

First of all, we recommend that you install Easeus Mobisaver for Android . This utility can restore a variety of data, including contacts.

Step 1. First, turn on your smartphone by USB debugging on your smartphone. This is done in " settings", in section " for developers.

Step 2. Connect the device to the PC using a USB cable.

Step 3. Run the Easeus Mobisaver program, press its main window to the START button.

Step 4. Provide the application of the superuser's right (the corresponding request will appear on the smartphone).

Step 5. Upon completion of scanning, the utility will offer to restore certain data types. Including you should see the Contacts tab - it is that it contains remote contacts.

Step 6. You can restore contacts by selecting and pressing the button Recover.

It should be noted that Easeus Mobisaver for Android applies to a fee basis. You can also try to use the computer utility Android Data Recovery .