How to restore Google Account on Android

Account Google is required to download applications from Google Play, synchronization of contacts and proper operations of many other important services without which it is difficult Imagine a smartphone. But what to do if access to your account was lost?

If you have not recorded and forgotten Password from your Google account, you can try to restore it right on the smartphone. However, the success of the operation depends largely on how many information you specified during registration:

  • An additional email address was added.
  • Did you attach your mobile number.
  • Remember whether you are a secret word that indicated to restore.

If you use the same account Google on multiple devices, it will not be difficult to restore it. In this case, it is enough to confirm the password reset on another phone or computer. Below step by step will look at how these and other ways to restore your account can be used.

Transition to the recovery of Google account

Step 1. Open the settings Android. The gear icon can be found in the curtain of notifications. Pull the curtain with two fingers and click on the gear.

Step 2. Select Section "Accounts".

Note! On different versions of Android, the location of the settings may differ.


Step 3. Press the button "Add Account".

Step 4. Select which account you need to enter. We are interested in "Google".

Step 5. Enter the email address you generated when creating your account. Google addresses always end on " @" After that, press the button "Next".

Step 6. If you remember your password, simply specify it in the corresponding field and press the button "Next ". Access to the account will be restored.

Step 7. If you do not remember your password, click on the inscription "Forgot your password".

Recovery using old passwords

Step 8. The system will propose to enter any password that you have ever indicated for your account. This restoration method will be suitable if you changed the password to the new and forgot it. Enter any old password in the appropriate field and press the button "Next". If you do not remember any passwords, press "Other Method".

Recovery with another device

Step 9. The system will send a notification to the devices where you have already entered your account.

Step 10. Just take another smartphone and open the notification curtain. There will be a corresponding notice. Click on it.

Step 11. In the pop-up window, select "Yes".

Please note! The message can arrive on a computer, laptop or any other device on which you entered your Google Account.

Step 12. After that, on the smartphone on which you restore access to the account, you will be prompted to enter a new password. If you do not have access to other devices, press "Other Method".

Recovery by backup email address

Step 12. After that, you will be asked to get a confirmation to the backup email address, of course, if you specified it earlier. Press the button to receive a letter.

Step 13. Open your mailbox, find a letter from the confirmation code and enter it into a special field. Then press the "Next" button.

Please note! If the letter did not come, first of all, check the folder " spam". Also try sending a letter again.

Step 14. If you do not have access to the e-mail backup box, press the button "Other Method".

Recovery with the phone number, which was tied to the account

Step 15. If none of the above-mentioned methods helped, there is another one. Your number that was attached to the account will be sent SMS with the recovery code, or an automatic call will be made. Select one of the options proposed.

Step 16. Enter the received code into a special field and press the button "Next".

If confirmation obtained

If you confirmed the account with one of the proposed methods, do the following:

Step 1. Enter the new password in the field that appears. After that, enter the password confirmation.

Pay attention! Use the lost password will be prohibited, even if you remember it.

Step 2. Press "I accept" to agree with Google's policy.

Step 3. Press to "accept" to confirm the preservation of the backup of the data on Google disk.

Step 4. Google Account will appear in the list of all your accounts.

Solution of possible problems

In some cases, when trying to enter the Google account, The system issues errors. In this case, you can try to make a reset of the Google service application:

Step 1. Go to Android settingsand open the "Applications and Notifications ".

Step 2. Press "Show all applications".

Step 3. Find the application "Google Play" services and tap it to set up.

Step 4. Select "Storage and Kesh".

Step 5. Press "Place Management".

Step 6. Touch the button "Delete all data". After that, try logging into your account again.

Pay attention! If you have not happened, try to make a reset to the factory settings of your device. After that, the login to Google must be successful.