How to reset the Android settings to the factory?

Android operating system is good because it allows you to make a complete reset of all settings at any time. So it is possible to return to the initial state of the smartphone or tablet, without resorting to this to flashing and other complex actions. In this article we will tell you how to reset the phone to the factory settings is the easiest.

When can it be needed?

You may need to reset the settings for android for several common reasons. For example, such an action is required in the case of the sale of the device to another person. Reset settings on android faster and easier than manually delete all your accounts.

Reset can be carried out in the event that the smartphone or tablet began to slow down. Sometimes it really helps solve the problem. Especially if the brakes are caused by too long the work of the gadget - for one and a half or two years in the operating system, a huge amount of garbage can be accumulated, which is not eliminated by conventional ways.

Method No. 1: Using themenu

If your phone is in a fully working state, you can use the corresponding menu item to reset the settings. Note that some points of items in smartphones of different manufacturers may differ.On topical versions of Android, you must perform the following actions:

Step 1 . Go to the settings and select "Restore and Reset". If there is nothing like this, then "Extended settings".

Step 2 . If you find the desired parameter still fails, then use the search for settings. This functionality is almost all modern Android smartphones. Enter the keyword and select the desired item from the proposed.

Step 3 . In the window that opens, find "Reservation and Reset". An additional menus appears where you can configure the auto-installation and other backup parameters. Select "Delete all data" or "Reset to factory settings".

Step 4 . After pressing the corresponding button, the system will warn the device further from the device will be destroyed all personal data (including media files, applications and saved passwords). Confirm the delete data. After that, the smartphone will restart and you can configure it, as when you first turn on.

If you want to reset the settings on a smartphone with an older version of Android, then follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the menu and click on the " settings icon". Here you should be interested in the item " Restoration and Reset". In the devices from samsung, it may be called " Archiving and reset".

Step 2. In the list that opens, find the item " Reset settings". It can also be called " erase all data", " Common Reset" and somehow else - everything depends on the imagination of the device's creators. When you press the appropriate button - the system will warn about the fact that all personal information will be deleted, as well as applications and other data.

Step 3. Confirm the fact that you want to make a reset.

Method No. 2: Using Hardware Keys

In some cases Touchscreen, the devices may not function. Then resetting the settings on android to the factory will be possible only with the help of special manipulations by pressing certain combinations of hardware keys. In particular, you will need to get in this way into recovery recovery mode.

Step 1. Hold down the power key, thereby completely turning off the gadget.

Step 2. Go to Recovery Mode. The actions that must be performed for this differ depending on the device manufacturer.

Acer and ASUS

Hold down the power key and the volume reduction key.


Hold the power key within 10 seconds and the volume key to reduce the volume. Then the same 10 seconds hold the volume key in the middle, while continuing to clamp the power key. When the company logo appears, release the power key. After the robot appears on the screen with gears, move your finger on the volume button. Release the key after the green page of the download status.


Press the power key and both buttons responsible for changing the volume level. Next release the buttons and clamp only the power key. Do it up to the appearance of vibration. After that, press the volume button several times. Next, it remains only to press together the volume keys and turn on the device.


Press the power key and the volume button. When the emblem of the South Korean company appears, release the keys for one second, after which they hush them again. Hold them up to the recovery mode.

Meizu and xiaomi

Hold the power buttons and increase the volume. After the logo appears, release the power key, continuing to hold now only one button.


First hold the power keys and increase the volume. Then hold the inclusion and volume buttons.


Keep the "Home" button clamped, power and increase the volume. Then hold the power on and decreased keys.


Hold down the volume key and the power button. Then plug the device to the network by waiting for the green indicator. Using a clip, press the reset button if this is present. When the screen is lit, clamp the power button for a few seconds. Next release this key and press the button responsible for increasing the sound volume.

Step 3. When you get in the Recovery menu, you should select Wipe Data or similar. If the screen does not respond to touch, then move the menu items using the reduction and volume keys, as well as the power buttons.

Step 4. In the corresponding item, you must click on the Factory Reset button.

Step 5. Agree with the system that will warn about the subsequent deletion of data.

Step 6. When the full reset is implemented, select Reboot System. This will restart the device.

Method No. 3: Using a digital combination

The fastest way to reset the settings to the factory (may not be relevant for some modern smartphones).

Step 1. Open the "Phone" application, with which you usually dial the interlocutor number.

Step 2. Enter one of the following codes:

* # * # 7378423 # * # *

* # * # 7780 # * # *

* 2767 * 3855 #

It is possible that at the end you will need to press the call key.

Step 3. Next, the device will restart, after which the process of resetting the settings is activated.