How to remove the virus from the phone on android?

Florosal applications (viruses) are the main problem of any operating system. The creators of the platform almost never manage to patch all holes, as a result of which smart, but dishonest people enjoy these loopholes. This situation is observed on Windows, and for some time, viruses began to appear on Android. In this article, we will tell about the essence of the work of such applications, as well as help you clean your device from viruses.

What viruses are there?

If there are a huge amount of viruses on computers, then their variety is not too large on the mobile operating system. The following types of malicious applications are most common, remove which from the tablet or smartphone we will help you:

  • Trojan;
  • Advertising virus;
  • Malicious banner.

The last two types of viruses are not very common, and they only spoil the visual impression of using the smartphone. And Troyans are much more crowded and common creatures. They are disguised as some famous games and programs. For example, a few weeks ago, Troyans masked under Pokemon Go appeared on the expanses of the global web. Such applications are imperceptible to you send SMS to expensive short numbers or collect information about the messages stored on the device. They may make other malicious actions - for example, send Troyan creators information about the contacts contained in your phone book.

As for the advertising virus, it is definitely stolen information about your payment data. But he will be regularly bored with its regular appearance. The creators of such a virus earn money at each adoption of advertising. For them, it is very profitable, and your nerves will constantly suffer.

Malicious Banner operates approximately by the same system. It can be displayed at the time of transition to any section of the operating system. At the same time, it is supposed to get rid of it only by transferring funds to the electronic wallet of developers or sending SMS to a short number. But in fact, as you already understood, you can get rid of viruses on android without loss of money.

Deleting Trojan

, oddly enough, the built-in tools of the operating system it is impossible to remove one or another virus if it has already hit the device. They are eliminated only after receiving security updates that latch holes. Such updates are usually sent every one or two months. But it concerns only new smartphones, from the moment of which no more than two years have passed.

If you suspect your device in the fact that the Troyan leaked on it, then try to test it with antivirus. To do this, you can use some kind of paid application. Or download from Google Play Conditionally free Lookout . Next, you will need the following actions:

Step 1. Wait for the installation ending Lookout and start the application.

Step 2. Agree with all the proposed items by pressing the button " further." However, you may not include the beacon and some other functions by removing the checkbox from the corresponding item.

Step 3. Register - To do this, take your email and come up with Password, after which Press the " button to turn on the defense.

Step 4. Next, the program will propose to upgrade to the Premium version. This is paid, so click " No, thanks."

Step 5. After that, Lookout will produce the first scanning of the system for the presence of Trojans.

Step 6. Wait for the end of the scan. So you will learn about whether the applications installed on the smartphone are safe.

Step 7. More from you nothing is required. In the future, each new application will be checked by antivirus. Under his observation, all sorts of updates already installed programs and games will fall. If you download Troyan - Lookout will definitely remove it, at the same time notifying you about it.

Removing the advertising virus

This type of viruses prevents the comfort of the device. At the same time, many reflect on how to remove the virus from the phone. Such people do not understand that the display of advertising is a consequence, not the reason. You need to delete an application that distributes the virus on the system. With this task, the antiviruses already mentioned by us (be sure to read our article "The best antiviruses on Android" ). Well, before downloading a suitable antivirus, you can try to block the display of advertising. This is done, for example, by incorporating the "aircraft" mode, when all means of communication are stopped working, as a result of which advertising simply cannot download the information necessary for its display. The transition to the aforementioned mode is most often as follows:

Step 1. Open the notifications panel.

Step 2. Activate the " mode in an airplane by pressing the appropriate icon. Sometimes this mode is called flight mode.

It should be noted that on different smartphones, the transition method to this mode may differ. For example, some manufacturers embed the corresponding point in the off menu, which is displayed in the case of the power button hold. Especially often this method is used on old devices running android 4.2 or an earlier version of the operating system.

Using Play Protection

Play Protection This integrated system that periodically scans the smartphone for safety threats. It is embedded in the Play Market, but knows how to check not only the applications loaded through it, but also other files stored on the device. How to enable full check through Play Protection:

Step 1 . Run the Play Market and make the swipe to the right to call the optional menu. In the list, select"Play Protection" .

Step 2 . Click on the icon in the form of a gear to go to the settings. Here, move the slider"detect security threats" to the state is turned on.

Step 3. If malware has already installed on the smartphone, the message "blocked by protection" appears on the screen. After that, the virus will be deleted.

Play Protection automatically scans all installed applications and file stored on the device. It practically does not spend system resources, so it is not recommended to turn off it, for example, in the hope of improving the performance of the smartphone.

Deleting a malicious banner through computer

To eliminate a malicious banner, you can use different methods. The best of them is to connect the device to the PC, using the debug mode. The method is to take the following actions:

Step 1. Turn off your smartphone. It is advisable to fully charge it.

Step 2. Turn on the device and follow further actions as quickly as possible until the banner of the extortioner has time to appear.

Step 3. Go to " Settings".

Step 4. Go to section " for developers".

Step 5. Turn on USB debug mode.

Step 6. Connect the smartphone to the computer by means of a USB cable.

Step 7. Next, the system in the background scanishes itself. So you can check the Android for viruses through a computer. If any applications do not call the trust system, it will offer them to block them. If nothing happens, you can remove the virus from the phone only with the help of an antivirus or returning to the factory settings (produce Hard Reset).

If you do not have menus"for developers" , it must be pre-enabled. To do this, open the settings and go to"On Phone" . In the page that opens, find the line"Android version" and click on it 5-7 times, until the inscription appears"Now You developer " . On Xiaomi devices, press thebutton"MIUI version" .

After that,"for developers" will appear. Depending on the version of Android and other features of the device, it can be in the settings (at the bottom of the list), or in additional subsections (extended settings).

How to protect yourself from the appearance on the viruses smartphone?

In fact, many people never encounter malicious applications on the phone. The secret of this lies in the fact that they adhere to the following rules:

  • You do not need to download and install applications from unknown sources. It is recommended to use only Google Play, where all utilities are somehow moderated.
  • Do not download new and completely unknown applications on your smartphone. Most often, Troyans are molded in them.
  • Be sure to read reviews. If the product contains a virus, then in the feedback it may be indicated.