How to remove music from iPhone?

Users Apple technology and did not suspect that they would be wondering how to remove music from iPhone until they were found in the songlist songs from the Album U2, saying goodbye to which It turned out not so simple. Get rid of these compositions and "clear" the memory iPhone due to the removal of subdinent songs can be in several ways - it is not necessary to remove them in one internal means of the gadget itself.

The easiest way to remove the melody from iPhone

I do not like the song - remove it from iPhone to several actions:

Step 1. Go to the built-in application " Music.

Step 2. Lay the track you want to remove, in the list.

Step 3. Make a swipe (slip finger) to the right left by the name of the composition. A red button " Delete appears.

Step 4. Press the " button to remove", and the song will be erased from the iPhone's memory.

Please note that in this way to remove songs that are posted in the ICloud account, and not saved in the device's memory, it will not be possible.

The described method is suitable if the user wants to erase one or a couple of compositions. However, if the gadget owner began to "global cleaning" memory, more appropriate to apply other options.

How to remove all the music from iPhone?

The need to remove all compositions usually occurs after the purchase of used Apple apparatus, the former owner of which had an extremely bad musical taste. You can erase all the music through " settings":

Step 1. Lay in " settings" section " Main", and in " main" - subsection " Statistics".

Step 2. Open the statistics subsection and wait until the memory status data is loaded IPhone. You will see such a picture:

In the " Music field", you can view how the amount of memory is occupied by music files. In our example, it can be seen that music in the device on 2 GB is a quarter of the overall gadget memory.

Step 3. Go to subsection " Music". You will see the following:

Step 4. Make a swipe right left over the field " All music" - a red button " Delete", familiar to previous instructions.

Step 5. Click on the red button, and the entire music collection "Canet in in the summer". Make this step deliberately: to restore the collection will be possible only through the computer with iTunes, with which the iPhone is synchronized earlier.

This method allows you to erase from the device of the compositions that simulated from the cloud service of ICloud (in contrast to the previous one).

The described methods of removing music with the means of the gadget itself are available only on devices with iOS above the 5th version (inclusive). On the firmware of early versions of the operating system, it is impossible to erase music without connecting to the PC.

How to remove music from iPhone via Iytyuns?

The method of removing songs with iPhone through iTunes is convenient because the entire list of compositions from " mediateki" is in front of the user's eyes - you do not have to spend Uyma to find the desired composition, scrolling the playlist on a small gadget screen.

The removal of songs through iTunes occurs according to such an algorithm:

Step 1. Open iTunes and go to the " Music section."

Step 2. In the " Music" section, open the tab " My Music".

Step 3. In the " media library" select " songs." A list of compositions without any grouping will appear.

Step 4. Select a song to delete and click on it right-click to call the menu.

Step 5. In the Find the option " Delete and click on it.

Step 6. Confirm the deletion - in the appeared window, press " Remove the song".

After that, the track will be removed from the "Media" iTunes, but not from the iPhone memory.

Step 7. Connect your smartphone to the computer, go to the Device Management Menu and start synchronization.

After synchronization in the application “ Music ”, only those songs will remain on the device that at the time of synchronization were in iTunes Library . Therefore, if you want to completely update the music collection, then at the 4th step instead of selecting one song, you should press CTRL+A and select all.

How do I delete music while keeping the file in the "Media Library"?

You can do without deleting the song from the Library - you need to proceed as follows:

Step 1. Connect the gadget to the PC and launch iTunes. Now you need to do it right away.

Step 2. Go to the device management menu by clicking on the smartphone icon in the top panel.

Step 3. In the block " Settings" select the section " Music".

Step 4. Check " Featured playlists, artists, albums and genres" instead of " Entire library" - then you can control which songs to transfer to iPhone storage, and which ones just to be stored in " Mediatheque.

If you synchronize with the configuration shown in the figure, all music from the device will be deleted.

Step 5. Select the music you would like to keep on the iPhone. iTunes offers several selection criteria - by artist, by album, by music genre, you can even leave only the 25 most listened songs on the device.

Let's say if you are filtering by artists, then you need to check the boxes next to the names of only those groups that you would like to see in your playlist.

Step 6. Click " Synchronize". Only the songs you marked will remain in the device's memory, the rest will continue to be stored in the "Media Library" iTunes.

How do I delete an album by U2 from the Music app?

After the presentation of the 6th generation iPhone, Apple has shown unprecedented generosity and gave users a new album by the Irish band U2 " Songs of Innocence". Not everyone liked the gift, and some are frankly outraged that Apple is forcing their music on them and that it turned out to be difficult to remove the proposed songs from the music collection. The traditional way to remove the swipe on the right to the left does not give - the gift album continues to "hang" in Appendix " Music, indicated as a purchase in the AppStore.

Part of the users still continues to walk with SONGS Of the Innocence in the player, without even suspecting that it is quite simple to remove the album:

Step 1. Run the program iTunes and go to section " Music".

Step 2. In the top menu, select the tab of the iTunes Store tab.


Step 3. Find the menu on the right and click " purchases."

Here, among albums purchased at will, you will find an imposed Apple Songs of Innocence.

Step 4. Mouse over the image of the album, and you will see that a cross appeared in the upper left corner.


Click on the cross - so you remove the unnecessary album from the list of purchases iTunes.

Step 5. Traces left U2 in your iPhone, also need to erase. Remove the compositions from the album in the sections of Artists and Albums: Now you can do this in a traditional way - a simple swipe.

Step 6. Go to " settings" Gadget and find the " Music section".

Step 7. In the " Music" deactivate the toggle switch in front of " Show all the music." So you will protect yourself from the re-invasion of your personal musical collection.

There is another way to remove SONGS OF INNOCENCE from the music collection:

Step 1. Go to a special page of removing the album U2.

Step 2. Click " Delete Album" and enter Apple ID and Password from it. Then click " Log in."

The message of the following content will appear.

Step 3. Remove the U2 songs from the application " Music" in the usual way.

Re-load the album U2 for free after such removal will not be possible. However, hardly someone will regret it - according to most of the musical critics, the album turned out to be extremely unsuccessful.


The user of the mobile technology should not put up with the fact that the manufacturer steals the place in the memory of its device, as Apple did. Alas, the album of the Songs of Innocence of the group U2 erase without the use of the computer is still impossible. However, having received a lot of educated reviews, Apple has opened on the official website iTunes Special Page called " Delete SOI" - After that, the removal of an incomplete album has become for users who know their Apple ID and accessing the Internet, the case of two mouse clicks.