How to remove Facebook from Android phone

If The social network Facebook is not needed or takes a lot of time, it can be easily and quickly removed from the phone.

Facebook is one of the largest social networks. If you do not use it, the application is better to remove from the phone, because it is a lot of "weighs". The program is constantly improving and regularly updated, which means that over time it will take more and more space in the device's memory. From such a "ballast" you need to get rid of.

Why the program is removed from the phone

Facebook - a social network with a huge audience, but the company's policy, which she began to adhere to recently, scares many users. But this is not the only reason because of which the network is increasingly refused.

Why Facebook is removed from the phone:

  • The selection of personal data - in 2018 there was a major scandal due to the fact that information about millions of users The social networks were Cambridge Analytica.
  • Inability to ensure user security from data leakage.
  • The weight of the application.
  • Facebook Even in a closed state actively consumes resources: memory and battery charge.

Below we will tell about how to delete the Facebook application from your Android smartphone, but if you leave this social network forever, it is better to pre-remove and Account. About how to do this, we told here.

How to remove Facebook from the phone running Android

For a long time, Facebook was among the unsuccessful applications. It was possible to completely get rid of it only by obtaining the maintenance of the superuser (root). The problem is that this method is suitable for experienced users, and newcomers, having an error when receiving root rights, can cause irreparable harm to their device.

Now remove the application from the phone running the Android operating system is not difficult.

Important: On devices of different manufacturers, the program delete the program may differ slightly, but the total sequence of action is the same.

Instructions for phones Xiaomi ( REDMI, O):

Step 1. In the device settings, open item "Applications" and find Facebook.

Step 2. Go to the program page and click on the icon with the inscription "Uninstall" located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Confirm the deletion by pressing the OK button.

Instructions for phones Huawei and Honor :

Step 1. Open the application "Settings" and go to the section "Applications".

Step 2. Find Facebook in the program list and go to the program page.

Step 3. Click on the button "Delete" and confirm the action by clicking on the inscription "OK".

There is an even faster way to remove Facebook from Huawei and Honor devices]. You can do this from your desktop. Find the program icon and long press on it until a window appears with the inscription "Uninstall". Click on the inscription and confirm the action.

Important: this method is only suitable for phones with the latest versions of the operating system. If an old OS is installed on the device, the program icon will be removed from the screen, and not the program itself.


Facebook is no longer a system application that requires third-party software and superuser rights to remove. If the social network is not needed or takes a lot of time, it can be easily and quickly deleted from the phone.