How to remove an account in Instagram?

A set of instructions for those who are always bad in the photo.

Instagram is considered the most dynamically developing social network. Lie joke, back in 2013, the base of active users Instagram included only 90 million people. By 2019, the number of users increased to 1 billion more than 10 times. It turns out that every 8 resident of the planet is at least a little bit, but Instalo blogger.

However, even among young people there are those who are configured categorically against Instagram. It's not just that social network steals a lot of time. The crumbling of useful information in instagram is drowning in the ocean of meaningless posts and storms that are generated in the unrestrained number of so-called installers. There is an opinion that social network promotes the tunes and generates a black envy on a global scale. If you think so, probably, our instructions for removing account in instin will be useful to you.

How to remove an account in instagram from a computer?

To remove an instagram account, you will have to go through this quest, the purpose of which is to search for a secret link. This so that I clicked and deleted, will not - the social network hid "exit from the matrix" rather deeply.

How to act to delete the page?

Step 1. On the main page Instagram, find the link " Help" below and click on it. So you will go to " Help Center."

Step 2. In " by the Reference Center, follow in the section" Account Management".

Step 3. At the next stage, select " Removing an account".

Step 4. Expand the block " How to delete your Instagram account". Here you will find the secret link that I mentioned. On the screen below the arrow (" remove the account ).

Step 5. Specify the reason you want to delete your page.

For each of the possible options for the cause of removal, an alternative is offered . For example, if you specify that the social network interferes, distracts and generates a lot of information noise, you will be asked to remove the application from the phone and try to live without it.

If the alternative does not inspire you, enter Password in an empty window

and press the red button " permanently remove my account"
. Account will be erased immediately.

Instagram costs pretty severely with users who decided to leave, and does not give them any "test" period for recovering account. Removed - it means, once and for all.

Moreover, after removing the account, the login is not released, so if you want to start a new page, you will have to promote your "mini-brand" again to be recognizable. So before deciding to remove, think about it with a cold head and weigh all the "for" and "against". This is a solution that you can not be taken.

How to remove an instagram account on the phone?

Delete Instagram from the phone using a mobile application is impossible - there is simply no such function. If you intend to act through the phone, since you do not have access to a PC or laptop, you will have to enter an instant through the browser.

The removal procedure through a mobile browser is also reduced to the search for reference, but the path is somewhat different. That's what you need to do:

Step 1. Click on the " settings icon" in the upper left corner.

Step 2. In the settings, locate the " information unit" and follow in the section " Help Center".

Step 3. " Help Center" We are already a little familiar. Here, select " Account Management".

Step 4. Next, you need a reference book " Removing the account.

Step 5. In the " Removal of the Account, expand the section" How to delete your Instagram account".

In the text, find the link " Delete the account" and follow it.

Step 6. Specify the reason for the account removal . You can choose one of the proposed list or register another. Next, enter the password from your account

and press the red button " permanently remove my account"

Step 7. Socialset will ask you to confirm the action - click " OK."

You can be sure that you got rid of the instagram when you see this entry on the phone:

How to temporarily block the profile?

Those who want to recover from the dependence on social networks and be offline, the Instagram administration proposes to block the account. In the future, it can be restored at any time. "Instagram" recommends not to "chop off the shoulder" and choose exactly the blocking instead of complete deletion, specifying that a huge number of users requests recovery.

If you decide to block your profile, you need to act like this:

Step 1. Calive on your page and click " Edit Profile.

Step 2. Scroll to the end and click on the " link to temporarily remove my account.

Step 3. On the next page, specify that you encouraged you to block account . If none of the options offered by social network are not suitable, select " Other." Next, enter your password

and press the blue button " to temporarily block the account"

Step 4. A window appears in which you need to confirm that you have decided on blocking. Click " Yes".

After that, access to the Instagram social network will be temporarily blocked.

Let's sum up

to remove from Instagram - the solution is serious. The user must understand that then no persuasion will help him restore the account. The period during which you can change the social network does not provide. Actually, this is one of the reasons that the reference needed to remove is hidden deeply. If the user can get to it, it means that his will firmly and convince him to stay hardly.

Those who simply want to distance themselves for some time from the world, it is better to choose the account deactivation. The deactivated profile can be enabled at any time, so by selecting this option, the user eliminates itself from further painful awareness that all efforts to promote the page in the insta turned the rush.