How to reflash iPhone yourself?

Flashing iPhone is the procedure by which software is installed on the gadget. Flashing an iPhone does not always mean updating it to the latest version of iOS. Among the owners of "apple" gadgets there are a lot of conservatives who wish to continue using the 5th or 6th versions of the operating system, considering them the most successful. These users have the opportunity to download software on iPhone that suits them.

The owner of the gadget must know how to reflash the iPhone on his own - otherwise, after the release of each new version of iOS, he will have to seek help from salon consultants who charge crazy prices for iPhone-related services. This article will tell you how to change the firmware correctly.

Types of flashing

Flashing can be one of two types - recovery and update.

Apple does not allow "downgrading" of the operating system. If you installed, say, iOS 7, then you will not be able to return to iOS 5 using standard means.

It is also impossible to return from the beta firmware to the latest official one.

This rule has an exception: within 2 weeks after the release of the new iOS, a “window” is open - users have the right to “roll back” to the previous version of the software if they do not like the new one. In addition, they can use unofficial software tools like RedSnOw or Tiny Umbrella, however, these programs only work on "old" modifications of the iPhone.

Preparatory steps

Before flashing iPhone, you need to do the following:

Download firmware on a computer. Finding a source site from which you can download the firmware is as easy as shelling pears: upon request, the search engine will return dozens of such sites. But you need to choose the firmware carefully - pay attention to the following criteria:

Knowing all these data, you definitely will not “miss” with the choice of firmware.

Load and establish the latest version Aytyuns . It is recommended to use the official website of Apple - go through this link. At the time of this writing, the new version is iTunes 12.5.1.

Disable the "Find iPhone" function on the smartphone. Go through the " settings" - " ICloud" and deactivate the toggle switch in front of " to find the iPhone". If this function remains enabled, Aytyuns simply will simply be able to reflash and give an error.

Copy personal data from iPhone to another medium of information. In the process of flashing, data may be lost.

How to flash an iPhone through Aytyuns himself?

Re-flash iPhone:

Step 1. Connect the gadget with a PC cable and open the aytyuns.

Step 2. Go to the Gadget Management page - for this you need to click on the button with the image of the smartphone.

Step 3. Hold the " SHIFT button and press" to restore the iPhone... " (on Mac computers instead of" SHIFT" Alt").

A window will appear through which you want to find and select the firmware loaded into the computer memory. The firmware file has format IPSW.

If you upload the firmware inappropriate for a specific gadget, the program will give such an unfriendly notification:

Step 4. Confirm that you want to reflash iPhone - press " Update" in this window:

Next steps are not needed - Aytyuns will remove the content and install the firmware. The gadget will go to Recovery Mode, and its settings will be reset to the initial.

You can avoid independent searches for a suitable firmware, trusting this is iTunes. However, a 100% program will set a newest available "OSER", and not the one that currently stands on the iPhone.

If it suits you, then you can simply press " to restore the iPhone...", without holding the buttons on the keyboard.

How to recover iPhone with jailbreak?

If you have a jailbreak on your iipone, it is recommended to reflash the gadget through " DFU MODE" (mode DFU ). You should also refer to this method if iPhone recovery according to the previous scenario (via Recovery Mode ) for some reason did not work.

Step 1. Enter the smartphone into DFU mode: simultaneously hold down the “ Home ” and “ Power ” buttons for 10 seconds, then release the “ Power ”.

Step 2. Connect your device to your computer with a cable. After that iTunes should display a similar message:

Next, you need to proceed in the same way as in the previous instructions: press " Shift" + " Restore", select the firmware and download it.

After completing the procedure, exit the smartphone from DFU mode: hold down “ Home ” + “ Power ” and wait until the screen the cherished bitten apple will appear.

How to update iPhone?

There are two ways to update iPhone: via iTunes and “over the air” (i.e. via Wi-Fi ).

Updating iPhone via iTunes


Step 1. Connect the gadget to the PC, in iTunes go to the device management menu.

Step 2. Click not “ Restore iPhone…”, but “ Update - the button located next to it.

If you see such a window, it means that the latest version of the software is already installed on the smartphone or the latest one that this particular model is capable of " pull".

For example, we used the device iPhone 4 : iOS 7.1.2 is the maximum that is installed on this modification.

If you have the firmware file, you don't have to wait for iTunes to download it. Through the combination " Shift" + " Refresh" find the file in the PC memory.

Step 3. Wait for the process to complete and enjoy the new software from Apple. Settings and data will remain in place.

Update iPhone over Wi-Fi

Over the air update feature first introduced on iOS 5 devices.

Update via 2G and 3G connections is not possible because mobile bandwidth is too low.

To update iOS via Wi-Fi, act as:

Step 1. Activate on the Wi-Fi device - swipe from the bottom-up Call the control center panel ( Control Center ) and on this panel, click on the Wi-Fi icon.

Step 2. Go to " settings", follow in the Wi-Fi section and connect to the available network in the " network...".

Step 3. Return to " settings" and go to " main".

Step 4. From the section " Basic" Proceed to subsection " Update by".

Step 5. Wait for the end of checking updates. If the iPhone finds a newer version of the operating system than the one that is installed on your device now, you will see such a picture:

Press " Download and install"- so you run the update" by air ". If an IOS limit version is already on iPhone, such a message appears in front of you:

Do not update the iPhone with jailbreak - it can Write to sad consequences!

The gadget will be in the so-called "eternal apple" mode or fall into the "loop" in the recovery mode. The problem lies in the fact that Jailbreak for the new version of the "Ourser" iOS appears with a significant delay - it turns out that the iPhone is updated "to nowhere". To flash "jailbreaked" Apple gadgets, use only the " button to restore the iPhone...".


At the owners of not hacked iPhone with flashing should not have problems - the user's task is reduced to connect the smartphone To PC and press only one button, and then iTunes will do everything himself. But the owners of gadgets with Jailbreak are recommended to be careful: to not lose the jailbreak, it is better to use no iTunes to reset and update the firmware, but a special software Semi Restore.