How to reduce the size and resolution of photos on iPhone?

Apple gadget users often suffer from lack of free memory on their devices. What to do in such a situation? The first thought that comes to mind is to “clean up” the media library and photo album and get rid of unnecessary files. However, parting with photographs can be difficult - many of them remind you of important events.

There is also a less obvious solution: reduce the size of photos - anyway, when viewing an album on a small gadget screen, the difference will not be noticeable. By reducing the size of the photo, you can not only free up memory on the device, but also reduce the cost of traffic when publishing images on the Internet.

photo data on iPhone?

There is no way for an Apple user to view the metadata of photos taken on iPhone - at least not using the smartphone's native tools. There is no analogue of the menu « Properties » (Windows) on iOS. To find out what the resolution and weight of the image are, you have to indulge in tricks or download additional software.

Find out the size of a photo via mail

You can get information about the weight of a photo using the built-in tool “Mail”. You need to act like this:

Step 1. Go to the " Photos" application and select a photo whose size is of interest.

Step 2. Click the " Share" button located in the lower left corner.

Step 3. Click on " Next" and select " Mail" from the menu that appears.

Step 4. Fill in the field “ To ” (you can select any mailbox - send a letter you don't have to) and click " Send".

Then confirm that you want to send an email with an empty subject.

Next, you will see the following window:

Pay attention to the field “ Actual"- here the real size of the photo is registered.

Find out meta-data through third-party software

Another way to get information about the picture is to use the application Photo Investigator from the AppStore (you can download it from this link ). The program is very simple, but at the same time extremely effective - you need to use it like this:

Step 1. Press the button indicated by the red arrow labeled " Choose Photo".

Step 2. In the " Camera Roll" section, find the desired photo and click on it.

A list of metadata will open, where you can view characteristics such as file size (“ File Size ” - in the example 50.5 Kb) and image resolution (“ Pixel Height ” and “ Pixel Width ”).

Subsection “ Tiff ” contains information about when the picture was taken.

The Photo Investigator allows you to not only view the metadata of a photo, but also send it by e-mail and even delete it altogether. The buttons “ Share ” and “ Metadata ” are intended for performing these actions.

The following programs are also suitable for viewing photo metadata:

  • Exif -viewer.
  • Exif-Wizard.
  • Koredoko.

Finally, the third way to find out about the size of the photo and the date it was taken is to connect the iPhone to the computer, go to the folder with pictures and go to menu " Properties".

Determining how much the pictures weigh before changing their resolution is very important. Photos on the iPhone come in different sizes - operations with those that take up little space will not allow you to increase the amount of free memory significantly.

How to reduce the size of photos on iPhone using third-party applications

iPhones have a built-in photo editor - with it, you can, for example, crop the picture and apply a filter to it, however, you will not be able to change the resolution of any photo. Therefore, users have to resort to using additional utilities. One of the most popular programs for reducing the size of a photo is Resizer. You can download a free version of this utility here.

The main advantage of Resizer is simplicity. The developers did not think about how to create another multi-editor, and equipped the application with only the most basic functions. How to change the resolution of the photo on iPhone through Resizer?

Step 1. Open the application - you will see the easiest interface that is possible.

Step 2. Click on the plus button and go to the " Camera Roll section.

Step 3. Next, select the photo you want to convert.

Step 4. On the next screen you will see the tools for working with images. You will need the tool " Resize.

Step 5. Set the desired photo resolution. Width and height save the proportion, so it suffices to change just one of these parameters - the second will be adjusted automatically.

At the bottom you will find ready-made distribution patterns - you can use them.

Setting the resolution, press " OK.

Step 6. Click on the " Done button" - so you complete the work on the image.

Step 7. Next, you need to save the adjusted picture in the memory of iPhone. Press the button with an arrow direction.

Step 8. Click on " Save Image".

that the work is made will notice this message:

Now you can use the program Photo Investigator to make sure that the snapshot really changed its parameters.

Besides Resizer in the AppStore there are other utilities that can reduce photos:

  • reduce.
  • Resizify!

However, each of these programs is paid - only Resizer has a free version.


Unfortunately, there is no built-in tool in the iPhone, which would allow you to recognize the meta-data and change the parameters of the pictures. You can view the weight of the image through the mail " Mail, but this method is rather long and complex.

Users wishing to reduce the size of the photo to increase the amount of free memory, you should upload a special utility resizer from the AppStore, which turns the image adjustment to the "five minutes". To quickly check the meta data Photo Investigator - The program with which no mail is needed!