How to recover deleted files on Android?

Almost each of us removed anything on his smartphone, then sorry later about the deed. In the future, it turned out that a photo or some other remote file was very important. Immediately I wanted to recover deleted photos on android. But this did not work, because in this operating system there is no analogue to the well-known "basket". But actually recover photos on Android can still be. In today's article we will tell you about how to achieve it.

The morning of the evening is not wiser

Remember one simple truth. Android operating system constantly writes some minor files. It happens even at the moment when the device is in sleeping mode. Therefore, you may not even try to restore the data on the Android, if the month has passed since their removal.

What is there to speak, even a week is a huge period. It is possible that during this time the system or you yourself have managed to save some new data that overwritten old. Therefore, important photos and documents need to remember as soon as possible. If you wanted to recover files in the evening, do not postpone this process in the morning when it is too late. And you should also distinguish between the data stored in the built-in and external memory. The fact is that on the memory card The operating system system information writes extremely rarely. Therefore, it is easier to restore data from it than with the built-in memory. More precisely, above the likelihood that you will return the necessary files in full.

When important photos can be removed?

It turns out that many users have documents, photos, audio recordings and many other files are not located in three or four, but in a much larger number of different folders. Especially often such a problem is observed from those owners of smartphones that love to use various graphic editors. And the more folders, the easier it is to accidentally remove some of them.

Regular memory of any smartphone should be cleaned. It can easily be able to accidentally remove something necessary. Something similar happens in the event that Google to exit Google for a long time - the system can then calculate some files unnecessary. Theoretically remove something can and the virus. That is why you need to remove viruses, if any suddenly discovered.

Using Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

There are now a sufficiently large number of computer programs, to one degree or another to help recover photos on android after Removal. One of these utilities is Wondershare Dr. Fone . Its interface is made on English, but this does not interfere with the development of the program. Another disadvantage is the paid distribution. You can download the free version, but it will only show files that can be restored, but it will not even think about their return. Be that as it may, it does not interfere with the utility. Download and install it, after which make the following:

Step 1. Run the program. In the displayed pop-up menu, press the EVALUATE button if you do not intend to buy a paid version of the utility.

Step 2. Connect your smartphone to a computer using a USB cable. It is advisable to use that wire that was included. But not necessarily. The program should proceed to recognize the device.

Step 3. If the device is recognized, you will be prompted to select the types of files you want to restore. Music, images, videos, documents, call history, messages and contacts are provided. Deciding, press NEXT.

Step 4. Leave the check box near Point Scan for Deleted Files so that the program does not check the currently existing files. Press the button Next.

Step 5. Press the START button. Please note the program warns you that the process can take a long time, so the battery level should be equal to at least 20%.

Step 6. Wait for the end of the scan and analysis of the device.

Step 7. A proposal will be displayed on the smartphone to provide superuser rights used by the computer program now. If you do not set SuperSU or another application dedicated to root access, then it must be installed.

Step 8. After providing superuser rights, the program will continue to scan.

Step 9. After the end of this process, you can open the desired tab located on the left side of the window. It will contain files available for recovery.

Step 10. Select the necessary files and press the Recover button.

Step 11. Buy a program if you have not done it yet.

Unfortunately, Wondershare Dr. Fone works not with all smartphones. It should also be noted that the program works based on the provision of root access - it is provided when scanning and closes after restoring the necessary files. The trial version will help to understand whether the possibility of interaction between the utility with your device is available, and the paid is engaged in the most important thing - the recovery of files.

Using GT Recovery

If you do not want to bother with a smartphone connection to a computer, you can download and install the application GT Recovery . But it requires that the device already existed root-rights . If they are available, then make the following:

Step 1. Run GT Recovery.

Step 2. Select the menu item you want. The program can restore images, contacts, SMS, messages in WhatsApp and some other data.

Step 3. If necessary, press the " button to start scanning.

Step 4. Provide the application of the right superuser.

Step 5. Wait for the scan end and press OK.

Step 6. Highlight the files that you would like to return, and then press the " recovery button".

Step 7. Next, you will be asked where exactly you want to save the recovered files - in the phone's memory or on the microSD card.

Step 8. Now select the folder to which files will save.

Step 9. Next launches the recovery process. At the end, you can click the " button to view" to see the returned files, as well as save the result.

Note that GT Recovery is a free utility that earns only advertising. It successfully restores data deleted from the phone if the application provides root access.

What other options exist?

If you still specify the question "How to restore deleted files on Android", then you will advise you for several more programs. They possess an intuitive interface, so we will not seriously paint the principles of their use.

  • Undeleter Recover Files & Data - App for Android. Supports not only the built-in memory, but also a microSD card. It works only on devices with root access.
  • Easeus Mobisaver for Android FREE - a PC program. It is free, but she herself "rut" the smartphone does not know how.
  • 7-Data Android Recovery - Another excellent computer program that does not require money for its use. It has a Russian-speaking interface. Root rights are not required - it is enough to enable USB debugging.