How to read books on android?

Tour just a month and a half ago, we enjoyed only paper books. But the rapid development of electronic equipment at the end of the 20th century has translated many books in a digital form. As a result, so-called bookriders appeared on the store shelves. But it is much easier to download books on a smartphone or tablet - these devices are also ideal for reading.

Recommended characteristics

It should be noted that not every device will allow you to receive the maximum pleasure from reading. It is necessary to ensure that the device has answered certain requirements. All of them relate to the display:

  • Its diagonal should be equal at least 4.7 inches;
  • Preferably HD resolution (1280 x 720 Points);
  • IPS and AMOLED manufacturing techniques are welcome.

However, all this does not mean that the devices unsuitable under the above requirements are absolutely not suitable for reading books. It is enough to remember the mid-2000s. Then some of us read books on mobile phones from Siemens, the screen resolution of which was 132 x 176 points. And someone could afford the device from Nokia or Sony Ericsson. But there, the permission was not particularly large - usually it did not exceed 240 x 320 pixels. In a word, you can now read on any gadget - the above requirements are written for those who want to strain their vision as little as possible.

Using BookMate

Almost every modern smartphone or tablet is equipped with any application that serves to read documents. But usually its possibilities are not at all suitable for those who wish to download multi-page books. In this case, it is better to download a third-party program with a wider functionality. For example, it may be BookMate - not just a program, but a real service that helps not only read books, but also download them. What is important, perfectly legally! I wonder what apps the application for free, earn its creators on paid subscriptions.

The program recognizes books downloaded from the computer. This supports many formats. Also, the utility can be raised a link to the book - it will immediately boot and appear in the library. Well, if you do not regret money, you will be available many books stored on the developer server. Annual subscription was estimated at 3790 rubles. A subscription for one month costs 379 rubles. Also, the service allows you to add other people friends, regularly learning that they began to read. There are many other functions here. By the way, some books extend and without a subscription. But real hits among them you will not find.

Using Google Play Books

As you know, almost every smartphone On the basis of the Android operating system, it has access to online store Google Play. And a long time ago there are not only applications. Users have the opportunity to download music, videos and, of course, books. Each edition in the catalog is equipped with a cover and a small description. There are reviews with the rating. Sometimes a familiar fragment is provided - 4-5 pages of text.

Free books in this service are very small. But prices are not too high. There are no subscriptions or subscriptions here, which allows you to recommend Google Play Books Only to those people who are reading far away every day. Note that as a reader - this application is not very much. In fact, it is equipped with only basic functionality. Your own files here add, as it is easy to guess, it is impossible.

Using "Read book online"

Many people are familiar site Litres. This is one of the largest Russian-speaking online libraries. Especially for interacting with it, an application has been developed that has an uncomplicated name "read books online". It applies for free and significantly simplifies downloading books. Here you can even take a picture of the cover of the paper version, after which the program will give a reference to the electronic edition.

There are approximately 20 thousand free books on the site. And the total number of books is not at all counting. The number of users have long exceeded 10 million. Interestingly, 20% of each paid book is available free of charge. This is definitely enough to familiarize yourself with the work and understand whether it is worth spending your money.

Read books here and offline - you just need to not forget to download them. So do not be afraid of the names of this application.

Other programs

Oddly enough, the answer to the question "How to read books on Android" is not limited to the short list of the above-mentioned utilities. There are other good readers. But they often do not help find and download the work - they work only with those files that you have already downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Let's look at some good programs of this kind.

Moon + Reader

Perhaps this is the reader with the largest number of settings. Also, the application supports a variety of gestures, significantly simplifying management. As for books, Moon + Reader recognizes at least 12 formats. The program is distributed free of charge, in return it is from time to time shows advertising. If you want to get rid of it, at the same time making the functional even wider, then buy a Pro version. Multitach support is built into it, the ability to control with a wireless headset and many other useful chips.

COOL Reader

The developers of this application are also not asked for money. At the same time, absolutely all functional is available for free! And he is here on its width if Moon + Reader is inferior, then only a little bit. For example, the lack of statistics and synchronization is felt with Dropbox - the paid version of the competitor has these functions. Cool Reader offers basic capabilities. But many people grab and this - they do not want them to distract them from reading.


This application received its name in honor of the most popular book format. The reader exists far from the first year, in connection with which she has many fans. Here you can choose the background, change the font and make other settings by making the reading process as convenient as possible. More the program proposes to emphasize the lines liked. But the most important feature of the FBReader lies in the fact that this utility is quickly running almost on any device, whatever characteristics it has.


If you want to read on your smartphone not only books, but also comics, you will have to install a separate application. Comic Screen is one of the most popular programs for manga and comics. The application supports all popular formats (CBR, CBZ, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP) and boasts a wide functional.

Where to download books for android?

Virtually every smartphone owner has access to Google Play. It is much more difficult to get the books themselves. If you do not want to use the three programs reviewed at the very beginning of the article, you will have to put in the tabs of several online libraries:

  • Litles - The site recommends using your own Android client to read, but still allows you to download books in the form of individual files.
  • Aldebaran - a fairly simple site containing a decent number of works sorted by authors, genres and series.
  • SAMOLIT - the site of fans of the so-called samizdat. You can download the author's work here, starting to make money on it. Also there is a format converter and the function of creating virtual libraries.
  • Litmir - online library containing about 210,000 books. Some time ago was blocked by Roskomnadzor, but after elimination of publications from "EXMO", access to the resource was restored.
  • Gutenberg - This online library contains books in English and other foreign languages. An ideal place for those who want to learn to read not only Russian-speaking publications. You can not only download any book, but also transfer to your account on one of the cloud services (only Yandex. Disk is not supported).
  • Rulit - another fairly popular site, allowing you to download books without resorting to this registration and other complex actions. This online library contains not only books, but also magazines - however, the novelties here you will not find, since the right holder would be complained by their presence.

What format of books supports android?

Some people believe that the Android operating system supports only some specific book format. But in fact, everything depends on what application you install. Some programs have a short list of supported formats, others are almost infinite.

We recommend downloading works with expansion . FB2 . For some time, this format has become the most popular. It can carry illustrations, cover, footnotes and other elements of paper editions familiar to us. However, FB2 still will not be so advanced in the graphic part, as I would like. In this regard, it contains only books. If you want to read logs, they must be saved in format PDF. But for their reading, a completely different program will be required, and this is already the topic for a separate article.

other common book formats are EPUB (came from "iron" bookriders), MOBI, TXT (just text, without All formatting), CHM (Typically, the reference files are stored in this format), CBZ and CBZ (the last two can store comics in themselves).