How to quickly recharge the smartphone

Android devices have a habit of discharged at the most inopportune moment. Moreover, the manufacturers of smartphones are increasingly refusing to use powerful batteries in favor of a thinner body.

If you urgently need to charge the phone or tablet on Android, then then we will tell about some techniques that will help speed up this process. Some tips are suitable for charging other devices.

Use the original cable

for more fast charging smartphone or tablet, you must use the original cable and charger Device. Especially if the device supports the technology Quick Charge ( Fast charge ). Try to connect the device directly to the outlet through the original adapter and cable, and not to the USB of the port of the computer or Power -Bank.

In addition, it should be refused to use wireless charging. As a rule, it takes several times more time than wired. But if the smartphone supports technology PowerShare (reverse Wireless charging from another phone), then it can be useful. For example, you can charge the device on the road if there are no sockets or other power sources nearby.

Close all applications

All running applications gradually spend energy, which means increase the charging time. Therefore, all programs, even working in backgrounds, need to be closed. How to quickly charge the phone for Android:

Step 1. Open a list of running applications. To do this, press and hold the center "home" button or tap along the button "the latest applications" (may be located on the right or left).

Step 2. A list of running application windows will appear. Click on the icon in the form of urn or button "close everything". Depending on the device model, this screen may look different.

Step 3. Open the notification panel and turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , mobile and geodata transmission. To do this, make a swipe top down and make sure the icons are gray.

Step 4. For greater confidence, activate " flight mode".

After that, it is enough to repay the screen of the phone and try not to touch it all this time. If the device is definitely not needed during charging, it is better to completely disable it.

Disable USB synchronization

If you charge the phone from the computer, then disconnect synchronization. Most often it starts immediately after connecting the device to the PC. This process consumes a significant part of the energy, which means increases the time required for complete charging. Instruction:

Step 1. Connect your smartphone to a computer software USB and open the notifications panel. After that, click on the line "Transfer of files and photos via USB".

Step 3. The menu "USB connection to a computer" opens. Select in the list "only charging". If you need to copy files to a PC in the future, do not forget to switch to "media device (MTP)".

Due to this you can charge a smartphone through USB -port. If you are using a laptop that is not connected to the network, then make sure that it does not move to sleep or hibernation. Otherwise, the mobile device will not be recharged.