How to put live wallpapers on Android smartphone

Users tend to install static images on their devices: they are easier to find and easier to use. But live wallpapers look more impressive. Therefore, it is worth considering how to install such wallpapers on an Android device.

Before installing, you should know that live wallpapers significantly reduce battery life, as they negatively affect the battery. Even special power saving modes do not help much.

However, if you are determined to install such wallpaper, we are ready to help. Just keep in mind that on different smartphones or versions of Android the actions will differ in details. However, the general concept will remain unchanged.

There are several ways to use live wallpaper on a smartphone: use the content built into the system, install third-party wallpapers, and install a live wallpaper application. We will consider all possible options. Let's start with the simplest.

Using the built-in wallpaper

Almost all modern smartphones have some number of live wallpapers. Even in the first versions of Android, developers supplied such content for users. But at the same time they hid it quite deeply.

Almost nothing has changed since then. We will find live wallpapers and install them on your desktop. For example, consider this process on a smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 8 with the installed shell MIUI and Android 10 on board.

Step 1. First you need a long tap on an empty space on the desktop. A ribbon with buttons will appear at the bottom. You need to tap on the icon with the inscription "Wallpaper".

Step 2. Next, a list of available wallpapers will open. Tap on the category "Live Wallpaper".

Step 3. After that, select the desired picture and click on it.

Step 4. At the bottom, click on the button "Apply".

This completes the procedure. Now you need to exit the settings and see how organically the picture fits into the overall color scheme. If the result you got did not suit you, then you can choose another picture using the same instructions.

Attention! If your smartphone is relatively weak, the installation of living wallpaper can lead to brakes and friezes. For the normal functioning of such a picture, a pretty amount of RAM and rather Powerful processor is required. Moreover, the processor will work constantly. Even if the display is completely turned off.

Using an application

Find animated pictures on various sites can be. But far from the fact that they will move after installation on the desktop of the device. Therefore, the simplest move is to download the appropriate program with the desired content.

in Google Play a large number of similar products. But we will choose Live Wallpapers - 4K Wallpapers, as the most adequate application. Now consider the features of working with him. So, let's start with the simplest - installation.

Step 1. On the desktop of the device, tadam at "Google Play".

Step 2. Next, we enter in the top line "Live Wallpapers" and click The button with the image of the magnifying glass.

Step 3. Tabay on the desired record in the search results.

Step 4. Press the button to "set".

Step 5. We are waiting for the end of the installation process, we return to the desktop and run the program using the icon.

Step 6. The welcome screen will start. Here we press "Continue".

Step 7. Now in category "LIVE" (located in the top line) We are looking for the necessary Picture and tapam on it.

Step 8. Click on a round button with an arrow to load wallpaper.

Step 9. In the next menu, select the "Single Mode" clause .

Step 10. Press the button "SET WALLPAPER".

Step 11. In the next window, select "Home Screen" If you want to set a picture to a worker The table or "Home Screen and Lock Screen", if you want, the picture is displayed also on the lock screen.

That's all. Now you can go out of the application and check how the picture looks at the display of the smartphone. If it doesn’t suit you, then you can always change it using the previous instructions (except for the installation items from Google Play ).

Attention! In Google Play there are a large number of programs designed supposedly for setting live wallpapers. But they are phishing and their only task is to collect information about the user. So mindlessly installing applications from there is not worth it. Better follow our recommendations.


There are a lot of resources on the Internet that offer to download live wallpapers for free and without registration. As a rule, such sites cannot be trusted. Therefore, we did not include them in our instructions.

However, the vast majority of users will be satisfied with the capabilities of the Android operating system or the application discussed above. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided.