How to put a photo for contact in Android?

In distant times, mobile phones did not possess the contact book. In this regard, the call was accompanied only by the caller number. Later, each owner of such a device has the opportunity to assign numbers to one or another name. And with the development of smartphones, not only the name, but also a photo of a person began to be output. However, not all owners of "Androids" are aware of how to achieve this function. Therefore, we decided to talk about how to set a photo on this or that contact.

Not everything is so simple

It should be noted that the Android operating system can be implemented in different ways on different smartphones. Many manufacturers set their own branded shell, which can slightly change your algorithm of actions performed in order to put a photo for contact in Android.

But most of all on the specific shell depends on how the photo is displayed when receiving an incoming call. In some cases, this picture has minimal sizes, much more space is given to the subscriber name. In other shells, a photo output function is built on the entire screen. But even if your smartphone does not have this effect - no one bothers to use some third-party application. But our story today is not about assigning a contact of a certain image.

The first method

Perhaps the easiest way. But it is not suitable for those people who replaced the standard " gallery" by any third-party application. So, your action algorithm should be:

Step 1. Go to " Gallery."

Step 2. Click on the photo you want to assign a specific contact.

Step 3. Now press the Troytiech located in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Select " Set the picture as.

Step 5. Here it is necessary to click on how easy it is to guess, the button " a photo of the contact".

Step 6. It remains only to choose in the list of the person whose challenge you want to accompany this image.


The second method

Often, if the smartphone owner thinks about how to put a photo on Call in Android, then he recalls about this method. It lies in the implementation of no less simple actions, but you have time to take a little more. So, follow our leadership:

Step 1. Go to the phone book. To do this, click on the icon of the preset application " contacts".

Step 2. Now click on the contact you wish to provide a snapshot.

Step 3. Click the " button to edit. It can be located inside the context menu that pops out after clicking on the Troyatoy. And can be made in the form of an icon depicting a pencil.

Step 4. In " Golob" Android photo of the contact is located in the top of the displayed window. To replace it, you just need to click on the icon in the form of a camera. In branded shells, you may need to press on a three-way, which is located in the upper right corner, after which the choice of the corresponding item.

Step 5. In any case, you will be offered several options for further action. You can remove the photo, replace it with another image or take a picture right now. Select the option you want - we mean that you will use a photo that already exists in the device's memory.

Step 6. Next you may ask how to use to select a picture. It is not important - you can choose both " Gallery" and some other program - up to the file manager. By the way, you can learn about the best file managers for Android .

Step 7. Next you need to choose a suitable photo.

Step 8. The system will suggest you to refuse a picture (in some shells it does not happen). Again, you need to choose a utility with which you will trim the excess image.

Step 9. Rent a snapshot, then press the " button ready" (usually looks like a check mark).

Step 10. That's all. It remains only to press a tick, finishing the editing of the contact.

Summing up

These were two ways to install photos on contact. They work on the overwhelming majority of smartphones operating under the control of any version of the Android operating system. You can use and third-party applications for these purposes, but we do not see much sense in this.