How to put a password for Android app?

All of us have such situations where we provide a smartphone to your friend or relative. Some of them are very curious people - they begin to explore the apparatus, entering different programs. If some application contains an important information for you, which is confidential, then try to put password on its launch. In the conditions of the Android operating system, this can be done without much difficulty.

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Ideally provide a similar opportunity to developers of mobile operating system. But Google believes that it is quite enough to protect that is on the lock screen. But we give your friends unlocked device!

Fortunately, the creators of some specialized programs understand that particularly curious faces will try to run them. As a result, certain applications do not require any additional actions to put a password for running them. Basically, such a function is provided by various customers of banks. Interestingly, it is impossible to bypass such protection without root-access. And on the "rutted" devices "Sberbank online" and other customers simply refuse to function.

Using SMART AppLock

For the absence of other options, the Android operating system will have to put passwords to run certain programs using a separate utility. For example, you can download and install SMART AppLock . This application can be found on Google Play, it is distributed completely free. Its interface is translated into 31, and the number of downloads of this program has already exceeded a long time for 20 million. SMART AppLock allows you to set a password to the application or create a graphic key. Using the utility does not cause any difficulties:

Step 1. Run the program.

Step 2. Comeumen a PIN code required to start Smart AppLock and other programs.

Step 3. Confirm the entered numbers, repeatedly typing them.

Step 4. You will be taken to the " application tab". Here you should click on the big button with the picture of the plus.

Step 5. In the list that opens, activate the switch near each program, the launch of which you want to accompany the password request.

Step 6. Press the green button with the image of the plus again.

Step 7. On Android 5.0 and more recent versions of the operating system, a pop-up window will appear, notifying that the application needs Provide special rights (but we are not a superuser's rights). Press the " button to apply".

Step 8. Check the box near the application AppLock.

Step 9. Confirm your actions by pressing the button " OK".

Step 10. Return to the program window. To do this, press the " back button".

That's all, from now on, to start the applications you selected, the password created in the first steps will be required. In the future, you can remove programs from this list. To do this, click on the name of the application, after which you confirm your action by pressing the button " Apply".

As mentioned above, SMART AppLock supports several types of protection. The selection is carried out in a separate tab called " settings". Here you should be interested in the section " Protection Settings".

Select " Lock method" - it is here that it is selected. You can also visit the subsection " Password Tip".

Application Hide Pictures - Hide IT Pro

In Google Play, you can find another Program of this kind. It is called Hide Pictures - Hide IT Pro , we have already talked about it in the article about whether How to hide the application label on Android . As you have already become clear, it has a broader functionality - the program can not only put a password for launching other applications. Moreover, it knows how to work with various media files, hiding them from strangers. In short, try to download and install this utility. We will not repeat about your first actions - basically they are reduced to the creation of a password. Find out our leadership:

Step 1. Run the application and hold the finger for a few seconds on the above logo.

Step 2. Enter the password.

Step 3. Select " Lock Apps".

Step 4. If you have not previously logged in to this section, then the plug-in installation will be required. Click on the " button to get a plugin (free of charge)".

Step 5. Select the application with which the transition from an external link. It must be some browser.

Step 6. Then you will again offer to choose the program, this time to download the plug-in. Select Play Market.

Step 7. Press the " button to set.

Step 8. Confirm your actions by pressing the button " accept."

Step 9. Wait for the end of the process of downloading the plug-in and return to the application. You will again need to enter a password and click on the " Lock Apps. Now you will find yourself in the appropriate plugin. If possible, read the English-speaking help and click " Done.

Step 10. Go to the " all apps tab and click on that program, launch which is obliged to occur only after entering the password.

Step 11. Confirm your action - press the " ok button".

The applications blocked in this way will be contained in the " Locked Apps folder. If necessary, you can always remove them from here.

Attention: On some devices for the work of this utility, the provision of root rights will be required!

How to put a password for the gallery?

Now you know how to put a password on the Android application. As for the " gallery," the same focus can be checked with it. After all, in fact, it is also a separate program - you will definitely find it in Hide Pictures - Hide IT Pro or Smart AppLock.