How to put a clock on the Android lock screen

Almost on all Android devices, the default watches are displayed on the lock screen.

On some models of smartphones, it may be necessary to install an additional application or add them through widgets. If you accidentally deleted the clock from the lock screen and do not know how to return them back, then let's tell you in detail how to do it.

How to return the clock through the widgets

on many smartphones clocks that are displayed on the main display are automatically duplicated on the lock screen. If you accidentally save them, they will disappear and there. How to output the clock on the phone screen:

Step 1. Make a long press in any free area on the main screen and wait for the additional menu at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Press "Widgets" and in the screen that appears, find the application "Clock".

Step 3. Tap on the desired widget and hold it, and then place it on the free part of the screen.

After that, the clock should appear on the main and lock screen. If you wish, you can choose an analog or digital display.

How to set hours

If there is no needed widget, then most likely You deleted the application "Clock" and you need to put it through Play Market again. Instructions:

Step 1. Run Play Market and in the search string, type "WATCH". Find the list and select the application from the company Google LLC. This is the official tool for Android, but you can use any other.

Step 2. Press "Set" to start loading and installation.

After that, the clock will appear on the main and lock screen. If this did not happen, then add them yourself, following the instructions described above.

How to return the clock through the settings

If the clock still does not appear where you need, then most likely you need to turn on the screensaver. You can do this through the settings. How to set the clock to the lock screen:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" menuand in section "Device" Select "Screen".

Step 2. Click on clause "Screensament". If necessary, move the slider to the "inclusive" state.

Step 3. Make sure the screensaver settings are selected "clock". If you use a third-party application, then specify the desired one.

Step 4. In the screensaver settings, press the button "Show more" in the form of three points and in the menu that appears, select "When to run a screensaver".

Step 5. Press "Always" so that the clock appears on the lock screen constantly. Or specify the desired parameter.

After that, the clock will appear not only when blocking, but also when the screen is turned off. To save battery charge, this parameter can be disabled at any time. If you want to set the clock to the lock screen, it is not necessary to use the official application. Try to download any other, through the Play Market.