How to pay for shopping on Android

Since 2017, the Google Pay system has earned in Russia with which you can pay for the purchase with a smartphone with support NFC.

To do this, it is necessary to install a special application on the mobile device and tie a bank card to it. After that you can use your smartphone for contactless payments. Next, we will tell you how to set up Google Pay on Android -Evo.

How to set up Google Pay

Contactless payment It is possible only on devices with NFC. If you reflash your smartphone or obtained root -prova (superuser), then connect Google Pay and pay purchases will not work. Instructions:

Step 1. Download and set the application Google Pay. To do this, launch Play Market and use the search by name.

Step 2. Open the Android application and click on the blue button "Start", and then "Add Map".

Step 3. If you have previously started the application Google Pay, then on the main screen, press the Blue button "Set up".

Step 4. Enter the card data. Take a picture of its front side or press "Enter Manual Data" to independently specify the number of the bank card, the validity period and CVC -code. In addition, you will need to enter the payment address, the phone number. After that, press "Save" and accept the Terms of User Agreement. If necessary, configure the screen lock.

Step 5. Confirm card data. To do this, select "Get SMS", and then button "continue". In the window that opens, enter the received code to activate the map in Appendix Google Pay and press "Send".

Step 6. If you are all done correctly, then the phone will come SMS from the bank confirmation, and the map will be displayed in the list "Payment". On this setting Google Pay ends.

Now you can pay for the phone purchases without a card. To do this, it is enough to attach it to the rear panel to the terminal with support for contactless payments.

ATTENTION : Non-contact payment by smartphone is possible only if the device is turned on ( PIN -code, print on the device finger, graphic key).

How to change payment method

The first card you will add will be used to pay default. If necessary, you can add multiple cards. How to do this:

Step 1. On the main page of the application, go to the payment tab and in the window that opens, press the button "+ payment method". Enter the card data and repeat the same as when adding the first card.

Step 2. In the list of bank cards attached to the application, click the one you want to make the main. In the window that opens, move the slider "The main card for contactless payment" to "Inclusive".

Step 3. Here you can rename the map for more convenient work with the system of contactless payments. To do this, press "Add pseudonym", enter the name and tap "Save". If you have a Sberbank card, then the associated application for Internet banking (Sberbank online) appears here.

Step 4. If you want to untie the map from Google Pay, then open it and click on the icon in the form of three points. In the context menu that appears, select "Delete payment method" or "Disable contactless payment" to temporarily freeze the map in the application.

You can change and delete in Google Pay at any time Bank cards for contactless payments. If you freeze or untie the map, the transaction history will be erased.

Tip : Tie to Account bonus and discount cards. Then by typing the smartphone to the terminal, their data will be automatically replied to the system and you will not need to carry their physical copies with you.

How to add a bonus card

for more convenient work with the system of contactless payments, you can bind to Google Pay Not only banking, but also discount shopping cards (as well as various travel). How to do this:

Step 1. Run Google Pay and go to the "Map" tab. Here, click on the blue button "Maps" and in the list that opens, select the type of map (transport, gift, loyalty program).

Step 2. A list of popular retail chains will appear. Select the desired one, if necessary, use the search by name.

Step 3. Scan the card using the camera or enter the identification data of the participant manually. After that, press "Save".

The bonus card will be displayed in the Google Pay listlist, on the corresponding tab. If necessary, you can add data from other loyalty programs.

Now you know how to pay for the phone purchases instead of a Sberbank card or any other bank. To do this, it is enough to attach to the terminal unblounted smartphone and, if necessary, enter PIN -code from the card to confirm the transaction.