How to open exe file on android?

This question is often asked new users who only get acquainted with Windows and Android operating systems: Is it possible to open the EXE file on the smartphone?

There are several efficient ways - some of them we will look below. However, at first let's see what file exe.

Setting EXE files on Android is not possible

EXE - This is an executable file that is most often designed To launch programs in MS DOS or Windows. The program code that is inside is intended for computers and laptops running on the basis of these operating systems.

Android, the development of which is engaged in the company Google, is very different. As executed files on Android uses APK, and this is a fundamentally different code. Therefore, to open or install the file EXE in Android is simply impossible.

However, you can install an application that emulates the working environment OS on the phone. Such a program is called an emulator. At the same time, due to compatibility issues, with the help of the emulator, it is possible to launch only very old applications for MS DOS, Windows 95 or Windows 2000.

There is another way to work with Windows -nuts on a smartphone or tablet. You can create remote access to a computer with Windows and use its resources on Android.

Let us consider each of these methods in more detail.

Launch of Android programs using an emulator

DosBox Turbo - this is simple DOS - Emulator that allows you to run some applications written for the operating system Windows. You do not need to download and emulate the image of Windows. ​​All actions are performed from under DOS.

Please note! Almost all emulators work only with programs developed for Windows 2000 and below.

To use the emulator, do the following:

Step 1. Download DosBox Turbo here (Registration is needed) and run.

Please note! To install the program, you may have to allow the installation from unknown sources. On how to do this, you can learn from of this instructions.

Step 2. Press the button "Set".

Step 3. Wait for the installation end and press "Open".

Step 4. Allow the application access to photos, multimedia and files on the device. To do this, activate the switch and select "Continue".

Step 5. Run the file manager and open the "Basic Memory" section.

Step 6. Select the folder "download".

Step 7. Press three points in the upper right corner.

Step 8. Select "New".

Step 9. Press "Folder".

Step 10. Come up with a name for a new folder and press "OK".

Step 11. Copy the file EXE to the created folder. Remember the name of the folder and file.

Step 12. Open the application DosBox Turbo. A command line appears on the display. To start working with it, click the keyboard icon on the top panel.

Step 13. In the command prompt, enter "CD SAPER" and press " ENTER " on the keyboard. Instead of , "SAPER" Substitute the name of your folder.

Step 14. Enter the file name without permission EXE, for example "SAPER", and press "Enter" on the keyboard.

Step 15. Wait for the program to load.

Please note! DosBox Turbo emulates the system MS-DOS. For the work of other emulators, it may be necessary to download the full image of Windows.

Working with Windows on Android using a remote desktop

Want to launch your favorite programs from under Windows On Android? In such a case, use the capabilities of the remote desktop. In this mode , the smartphone screen turns into a kind of mirror that displays everything that happens on your computer.

To learn how to control your computer remotely, do the following:

Step 1. Install the TeamViewer application on your smartphone. To do this, open the application store Google Play, find this program and click the button "Install".

Step 2. Download TeamViewer to your computer from official website of the developer.

Step 3. Wait for the executable file to download and click on it.

Step 4. Select Set and press Accept - Next ».

Step 5. Wait until files are copied.

Step 6. Select "No, I only need TeamViewer for personal use" and press Finish. The program will start automatically.

Step 7. Find the ID of the computer in the main program window.

Step 8. Enter the ID on the smartphone and press Remote Control.

Step 9. Enter the access password that is set on the computer, and press the button "OK".

Step 10. Familiarize yourself with remote control gestures and click Continue.

Step 11. Find the exe file you want to open and click on it.

Step 12. The program will start on the computer. However, you can use it on your smartphone.

Important! Many years have passed since the release of the first versions of Android. Many popular programs have been ported to this operating system from Windows. Open the application store Google Play and look for the program you need or its analogues.