How to make backup for android?

everyone knows that the smartphone can be lost without difficulty or break. In the early 2000s, after that, you would have to not only buy a new phone, but also to manually drive into it all the numbers of your friends, relatives and colleagues. And about the history of SMS messages would have to forget. Fortunately, now the situation has changed. Now you can make a phone backup, which will secure useful information. In the future, it will only be left to restore a backup on another apparatus.

What exactly is meant by backup?

Under the "backup of the system", it means complete or partial copying it. And not necessarily on the PC - you can use the cloud service. If you produce a partial backup, then the following sections of the system are often copied:

  • Contact book;
  • Call log;
  • SMS messages;
  • calendar;
  • List of installed applications.

At the same time, you can exclude any sections from this list. For example, if you never use the "calendar", it will be logical to remove it in order to speed up the backup.

If you have conceived to make a complete android backup, then in the future you can restore the entire system, and not separate components included in its composition. This is most relevant for those cases if you regularly experiment with your device, establishing third-party firmware on it.

Where are the data copied?

If you decide to make a backup android, then you need to decide exactly where to copy all the information. Often, special applications offer the following options:

  • MicroSD memory card - a very convenient way to make an appropriate slot, but this is not the best option to ensure the safety of data at the fear of losing the smartphone;
  • Computer - a slightly more complex way, as you need to connect via a USB cable, but it is the most reliable;
  • "Cloud" - Contacts and other information is copied to the application developer server or in Dropbox or for some other similar service.

Using Airdroid built-in tools

Google account allows do not worry about the personal data contained on the smartphone. With its help, all information is regularly copied to Google servers, from where it can be borrowed when buying a new device. How to register such an account - we told in a separate article . Here we will tell you how to enable synchronization with servers.

Step 1. Go to " Settings".

Step 2. Go to the " Recovery and reset" section.

Step 3. Activate the checkbox next to " Data Backup". Below you can select the account that will be used for the backup. This is true for users who have multiple Google accounts on their device.

Step 4. Now you need to select the sections of the operating system that will be copied to the servers of the American company. To do this, in " Settings" go to the section " Accounts".

Step 5. Click on the item " Google".

Step 6. Click on your Gmail email address.

Step 7. Here you can check the boxes of the items you need. If you do not buy movies on Google Play, then the corresponding item can be left inactive. The same is the case with music. But it is better to synchronize contacts, documents, calendar events, tables and some other data, so as not to lose them in case of theft or breakdown of the smartphone.

On smartphones running more recent versions of Android, the procedure will be slightly different. Instruction:

Step 1. In the settings, select "Google" and in the page that opens, select "Backup".

Step 2. If necessary, change the account to which the copy will be downloaded, then press the blue button “Start Copy”.

Step 3. Return to settings and select item "Accounts and sync". Move the slider "Accounts and sync" to the active state to enable automatic data synchronization.

Step 4. If you want to limit the synchronization of any services, then press "Google", and then activate or deactivate the desired.

Using Super Backup

Some people consider Google Servers are not secure enough. They believe that the backup android thus can get into other people's hands. These people are wondering: "How to make a backup without sending it to the Internet?". Previously, in the " recovery and reset section, an appropriate item was present that allows you to copy all the information to a memory card. But from the modern versions of the Android operating system in the sake of safety, this function is removed. If you still need a backup copy of Android on a memory card MicroSD, then use the application Super Backup .

Step 1. Install and run the Super Backup utility.

Step 2. When you first start, you will be prompted to configure the automatic backup on schedule. If you want to do this, press the corresponding button. If not, then click " Not now."

Step 3. In any case, we need to configure the backup method. Therefore, you will have to proceed in " settings". To do this, in the main window of the program, you need to click on the vertical Troetch in the upper right corner.

Step 4. In the displayed menu, click on " settings.

Step 5. In this section, click on " Conservation path".

Step 6. Put the point around the item " an external save card", then select the appropriate folder (for this you need to press the " button to view ). When you finish - click on the " ok button."

Step 7. Now go to the main program window and make a backup of the information types you need. The choice is offered applications, SMS, contacts, calendar, call log and bookmarks in the Internet browser. All this is done by pressing the buttons " Save.

Step 8. When you want to use the saved data - do it all the same, but now press the " buttons to restore".

Please note: The program can send backup to the cloud. In this case, this is not a developer server, but a more reliable Google Drive. This is a very good way for those who want to quickly transfer the phone book and other information from one device to another.

Using ADB Run

Previously considered options for creating a backup had a couple of significant drawbacks. The standard Google will refuse to work without connecting to the global web. Well, to use Super Backup there is no point in the device without a memory card slot - and there are a lot of such smartphones. Therefore, you need a third option of a backup, which allows you to backup and send it to a computer. There is a fairly large number of computer programs that allow it to do. We will consider ADB Run - this utility was developed by Vitaly Shipilov, a real connoisseur of the Android operating system.

Note: To successfully use the program, it is necessary that the driver is installed on the computer for your smartphone model.

Step 1. Download and install AdB Run.

Step 2. Enable USB debug on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, go to " settings", followed by section " for developers".


Step 3. Activate the checkbox about the " debugging on USB". If necessary, activate the section itself (switch at the very top).

Step 4. Connect the smartphone to the computer, then run the ADB RUN (find in the folder with the file installed AdB_run. Bat, or click on the icon that appears on the desktop).

Step 5. The utility does not have an interface, possessing instead with a console view. In this regard, you will have to enter commands in numbers. In our case, you need to enter " 12" (without quotes) - it is this command that the backup is responsible. Confirm your action by pressing the key ENTER.

Step 6. Enter the number 1 and press ENTER.

Step 7. What exactly do you want to copy to the computer? Unless basic data, then enter the number 1. If personal data and applications, then enter two. And Troika if you want to add a memory card content to this. Press ENTER.

Step 8. Wait until the end of the operation.

Transfer personal data from the smartphone to the computer can be used with other utilities. For example, a good program for backup android is Airdroid , although it is not one in fact. You can read more about other applications of this kind in Synchronization of the smartphone with a computer .