How to make a singing photo on android

The possibilities of artificial intelligence constantly beat new records. Today, AI can turn static photos to animated, imitate the singing of a person, and sometimes he managed to do it, surprisingly, quite realistic.

For sure, many of you have heard of such a thing as a "dipfeab" (from English Deepfake ). Already sobering in the title, it is possible to approximately draw conclusions, as we are talking about: Deep + Fake (from English. Deep Learning and Fake - "deep learning" and "fake", respectively).

Dipfab - Methods for creating new images and videos of a computer based on the analysis of them already existing ones. This uses special neural networks that are divided into two parts. The first one acts as a student who should try to fake the source photo or video so that the second part ("teacher") could not distinguish his copy from the original.

Thanks to this, the computer learns to imitate various movements and create animated photos (various smiling or singing) and portraits, which sometimes really happen to distinguish from the original and answer the question: "This is a real video or the fruit of work. Neuranets? ".

Not so long ago, we have already discussed a similar topic in the article where they tried to revive the photo by making an animated image from it. Today we will try to make almost the same thing, but with an emphasis on a specific photo of the photo, although today in the public access there are practically no mobile applications and services that can boast of truly high-quality processing algorithms and are able to make a less realistic "Singing photo." However, thanks to a pair of good services, it is still possible and quite not difficult, as it seems at first glance.

We use special programs

If we consider all platforms, including desktop (at least Windows), then the choice would be much wider, but since we are looking for the best services to create a singing photo on Android, then you will have to be content with a scant "Arsenal".


The best application that is perfect for our task - WOMBO. Here you can choose any photo from the gallery or take a selfie, select the music you want to sing to, and the program will do everything in a matter of seconds.

Even the functionality of the free version is enough to perform basic tasks, but for users who like the service, there is an opportunity to purchase a paid subscription. It opens access to exclusive content, completely eliminates annoying ads and makes the processing process faster.

So, in order to turn a static image into a singing photo, you need to repeat the following steps:

Step 1. Follow the link below (or here ) and download the Wombo app to your Android mobile device. Run her.

Step 2. Grant the service access to the camera by clicking on the button "Allow" in the context menu that appears. This is necessary so that you can take selfies.

Step 3. Press the “Get Started” key and go to the main screen of the application.

Step 4. Take a selfie or select a photo from the gallery by pressing the button in the lower left corner of the screen (a storage request - select "Allow" ).

Step 5. After selecting the photo, crop it so that the face is clearly visible and click on " Start Lip Syncing” to go to the Wombo main screen.

Step 6. Now it remains to choose the music that your photo will begin to sing to. If you want to try this experiment with your friends, press the "Try COMBOS" button to select collaborative tracks.

Step 7. Click on the search bar to select a category from which Wombo will select ringtones. After that, click on any of them and click on the big green button.

Step 8. When the process is finished, you will see the resulting video clip. To save it, click on the button "Save", and to share it with friends - select "Share".

Step 9. And to add another photo and repeat the process, for example with different music, open the Face Gallery, then click on the big button "+" and select a new object from the gallery, or take a selfie. Then click on "Add Selfie" or "Retake Photo" to attach something else.


Another application that will help us create a singing photo - Reface. It is possible that it was not created for this, as in the case of the WOMBO service, but here there is also a similar opportunity. The program acts a little in another principle (simple replacement of persons) and has a wider functionality, as it allows you to simulate not only laughter, but any other emotions.

To create a singing photo, it is enough to repeat the following steps:

Step 1. Go to of this link (or click on the icon below) On the official store Google Play and download the application on your device.

Step 2. Run Reface and press the button "Get Started" to accept the Custom Agreement.

Step 3. Next will be proposed immediately download photos, but we will do it later, so here you should press the button Skip.

Step 4. Press the search key (on the screenshot) and go to the next tab to select the appropriate template.

Step 5. We use the search and in the appropriate line Introduce "Sing" (from English. "Sing" to find The desired billets).

Step 6. Now select Section "Videos" (if desired, you can and "GIF").

Step 7. A list of templates will appear from which you need to choose anyone you like.

Step 8. After selecting the face of the main character from the video clip will be replaced with the one that the application recognizes in the photo. To do this, press the "+ NEW" button and add a new image.

Step 9. Select the method of adding a person: through the chamber or with a gallery.

Step 10. After choosing a suitable selfie, cut it, so that it is better to see exactly the face (so that the service has fewer problems When processing and everything turned out as carefully as possible). To save the result, press "CONFIRM".

Step 11. Now we proceed to the conversion of the photo and replacing persons, tapping along the button "Reface".

Step 12 Once the process is complete, you can share the result or save it to the device memory.