How to make a screenshot on iPhone?

The need to take a screenshot on an iPhone occurs when a user wants to share a game achievement or part of a conversation with friends on a social network. Taking a picture of the contents of the screen is as easy as shelling pears if the mechanical buttons of the gadget are in order, however, even if one of them is faulty, this is not an obstacle for seasoned and experienced users. The article will talk about several methods on how to take a screenshot on an iPhone.

The standard way to take a screenshot on iPhone

Select the image you would like to "screen" and simultaneously press the " Home" (located in the center below the screen) and " Power" (located on the top edge of the case)). Then release them immediately.

You will hear a distinctive sound comparable to a shutter release on a camera. The screenshot on the iPhone will be saved in the stock Photos app and will be the last one you can find in the gallery. The image format is png.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not hold down the Home and Power buttons, otherwise you will you risk making a "hard" reboot of the smartphone.
  • By making a screen like this, you are taking a picture of the entire screen, not just any part of it. If you need to “remove” part of the screen, it is better to use a special utility or a built-in photo editor.

The described method of creating screenshots is relevant for all iPhone models, except for the very first one, as well as for iPad and iPod.

How to take a screenshot if the “ Power ” button does not work?

You can take a screenshot on an iPhone without using mechanical keys - for this you need to use the “ Assistive Touch ” function (which many users, alas, do not know about). Proceed as follows:

Step 1. On the device, go along the path " Settings" - " General" - " Universal access" and in the block " Physiology and motor skills » find « Assistive Touch ».

Step 2. Activate the toggle switch opposite " Assistive Touch", and you will see that a transparent round button has formed on the screen.

Step 3. Click on the transparent button - this menu appears:

Step 4. Select " apparatus", and in the following submenu - " more", and you will find yourself here:

Step 4. Press " Screenshot", and screen will be made. However, the program menu " Assistive Touch" You will not see in this image.

What should I do if you need to take a picture of the screen only?

In such a situation, the output is: You can make the screen of the entire screen and then trim it with the built-in photo editor. This is done like this:

Step 1. Find the desired picture into the photo gallery. This:

. Press the " button to change" in the upper right corner.

So you will be taken to the photo editor mode.

Step 3. In the photo editor mode, select the last tool in the bottom panel. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to illustrate this process - the iPhone does not "screens" the photo editor option.

Step 4. Cut the picture and click " Save" - the corrected image will appear in the gallery. From the initial picture in our example, it turned out this:


The presence of the function " Assistive Touch"and the built-in photo editor is another confirmation of how the developers are attentive to user problems. In situations where Android does not cost without installing third-party software (for example, it is necessary to cut the image if necessary, the iPhone will cope with integrated software solutions.