How to make a presentation on the phone

Modern Android devices have long been used not only to perform simple tasks, but also relatively complex operations.

On the phone, you can edit a text file, table, mount a video, create a slideshow. Next, we will tell you how to make a presentation on an Android smartphone and what applications you can use for this.

Creating presentations

In Play Store there are various applications for creating and editing presentations. And most of them are distributed free of charge. Consider the most popular of them.

Google Slides

Application from Google allows you to create and edit presentations not only offline, but also online, without the need to download files to the device's memory. The utility has a wide range of formatting options, and also allows you to add the necessary materials using the advanced search function, and demonstrate ready-made slides at video meetings. Application Google Slides supports collaborative editing of files.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Mobile version of the popular program PowerPoint from Microsoft. The application is suitable for creating, editing and viewing PPTX files. The utility is characterized by visual visualization of data, thanks to which it is easy to convey the necessary information to its audience. In addition, the Android version PowerPoint from Microsoft supports functions for co-edit presentations.

Designer of presentations

The application is distinguished by a wide range of editing tools and boasts an impressive built-in library with Free icons, images and fonts. For more comfortable work with the program, it is recommended to use the DESYGNER account . After that, you can freely edit the presentation from the phone created by PCs or vice versa.


Free application offering users a wide selection of patterns and tools To create slides and presentations. The program is suitable for teamwork on the project.

Templates for convenience are divided into categories. In addition to templates, tables, fonts, smart elements, diagrams, geometric shapes and other elements are available. It is possible to insert images, gifs and video from the Mobile Device or Internet Gallery.

Working with ZOHO Show facilitate instructions on the screen, helping inexperienced users to easily deal with the subtleties of creating presentations.

After registering in the Service, the user can work on a project on any device, save work in cloud storage and import in PowerPoint.


One of the easiest, comfortable in use and at the same time as the most functional programs for the creation of beautiful memorable presentations. Canva is suitable for both newcomers, just developing work with presentations and experienced users. The program contains more than sixty thousand free templates, images and charts, for the convenience of divided into categories. The user can edit the templates to their taste infinitely. With the help of Canva, you can add pictures and text to the presentation, apply various filters, adjust color and saturation. Completed work can be published directly from the application to publish in social networks, send it by email or save to a mobile device. Canva can be used for teamwork on the project. The advantages of the program should include a large number of "unresolved" templates.


Prezi is different from other programs for creating presentations in that it does not have a familiar format of slides. The presentation is a map with pictures, text, video and other information posted on it.

Roughly speaking, the user is a huge "paper sheet" on which it can place information as he wants. The program will then create from all this video, and in it can be created between the animated transitions between fragments, as well as reduce or increase individual parts of the roller using special effects.

The program offers a wide selection of presentation tools and editing presentations. One of the important features of Prezi is the possibility of working together with colleagues.

Prezi is one of the most advanced online presentation software. It is ideal for presenting any creative ideas. However, the application is not without drawbacks. To access the service, you need to register, which is not convenient for everyone. For a beginner, the interface will be quite complicated, besides, it is not Russified. In addition, presentations created in the free version become available to other users.

Creating a slideshow

Mostly created to convey important information to the audience, slide shows are more of an entertaining nature and are a video film created from photographs.

Scoompa Video

Scoompa Video combines the functions of a video editor and a slideshow application. The utility boasts a built-in library with free templates, styles, animations and filters. Therefore, with the help of Scoompa Video, you can quickly create beautiful videos and share the result with your friends.

Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker is a free utility with minimal functionality that allows you to create simple photo slideshows. Among the editing tools: the ability to add text, change the contrast and color of images, built-in filters, as well as a library with ready-made styles and templates.


Using VidArt you can create a presentation on your phone from photos, overlay suitable music on the video, effects and immediately share the finished result with friends. The application combines the functions for a video editing, so it allows you to trim and change the rollers to the desired size and formats. Among the main features are support HD permissions and a built-in library with free templates, filters.

LibreOffice IMPRESS

LibreOffice Impress is a slightly simplified alternative to such professional services to create presentations as PowerPoint. The utility is included in the free OpenOffice package. It does not boast a beautiful design and does not support teamwork, but it is completely free and compatible with all platforms.

With the help of LibreOffice Impress, you can fill the presentation with text, images, tables, cliparts, special effects, audio and video. The finished result can be saved in several formats.

Applications have many advantages: simple minimalistic design, support for the Russian-language interface, cross-platform and free access.


Modern smartphones can be excellent replacement for Stationary computer or laptop. Even in the budget Android, the device without any problems can create or edit almost any file. Using applications from this selection, you can create a presentation or a complete slideshow with musical accompaniment.