How to make a jailbreak iPhone on iOS 7?

To install the jailbreak on iPhone, it is not at all necessary to contact the computer "Guru" - this procedure can be performed at home, having at hand Only a desktop PC. The article contains detailed instructions, how to make a jailbreak with your own hands.

Among users of Apple's equipment is common, as if jailbreak - the operation is dangerous and complex; As if this is a swivel point, by intersection of which the way back to the normal, "closed" state of the iPhone is no longer. This opinion is erroneously : Delete Jailbreak with iPhone, while returning the warranty, possibly. The complexity is also a very dubious characteristics of the procedure; In 2014, the Chinese hackers group released a Utility Pangu, which leaves the opportunity even to hack an iPhone with the most stupid users.

What are the jailbreak?

Users from iOS 7 launched a sharp need for jailbreak at the beginning of 2017 - when many of the "vital" applications ( VKontakte Viber ) refused to load the gadgets with the 7th "Operations", demanding the minimum IOS 8. The owners of the iPhone 4 were the most unfortunate in this situation, because the OS is above 7.1.2, it is simply not put - according to Apple will such Users were deprived of access to the most important communication.

With the help of a jailbreak, it will be possible not only to return the lost applications - "hacking" also allows users:

  • Installing third-party programs on the gadget.
  • Download tweaks from the store Cydia.
  • Transform the smartphone interface in the most radical way - for example, to change the icons and theme design.

After the jailbreak, the user will have a minimum of Apple's restrictions, but will pay for this warranty - hacked iPhones authorized centers " Apple "manufacturer do not accept repair.

How to make a jailbreak through the Pangu utility?

To put the jailbreak, the user first need to download the "brainchild" of Chinese programmers - a program Pangu - by passing under this reference. Other preparatory actions should be performed:

  • Disable the password on the mobile device (if activated).
  • Make a data backup - through iTunes, ICloud or in any other way. Our site told about whether How to create a backup copy of the iPhone - use one of the instructions of the article.

Next, it is necessary to act like this:

Step 1. Run the Pangu utility. You will see such a window:

Step 2. Connect your smartphone to the PC cable and wait for the button Jailbreak will be active. Click it - so you run the "hacking" procedure.

Step 3. In the course of the procedure, an animated instruction will appear how to change the date and time on the iPhone.

You need to turn off the automatic time setting and manually set 2 June 2014, 8:00.

The drum, which would be answered for the installation of the year, there is no on the iPhone. The user, alas, will have to scroll the "Number / Month" drum until it gets until 2014.

Step 4. After setting the time on the desktop of the iPhone, the icon Pangu will appear.

Click on this icon and in the window that appears, click " to continue."

The large logo Pangu will be displayed on the screen and the recommendation does not turn off the iPhone.

In the program window Pangu, the PC will continue to load the jailbreak.

It remains only to wait for the end of the "hacking". Upon completion of the procedure, the device will restart, and a notification appears on the PC screen that the iPhone is now "jailbroken".

After the iPhone turns on again, you will see on the desktop. The tweak store icon Cydia. The presence of this icon is the evidence of the successful installation of the jailbreak on the iPhone.

"Hacking" takes no more than 15 minutes, but many users (including experienced) can be successful The first time. Your humble servant coped with the second attempt - during the first , the Pangu icon on the smartphone persistently did not want to appear. Judging by the reviews on the Internet forums, this problem is quite common. Most often, it occurs due to the fact that users miss one moment that is insignificant at first glance: after setting the time of 2014, it is imperative to close "Settings" in the background. When your obedient servant drew attention to this moment, the “break-in” procedure went like clockwork.

Jailbreaked iOS 7 - what's next?

To be able to use tweaks from Cydia, you need to install AppSync on your gadget. How to do it?

Step 1. Go to Cydia. You won't be able to use the services of this store right away - Cydia will require you to prepare the OS.

Once you agree to this procedure, the iPhone will restart again.

Step 3. Press the " Edit" button located in the upper right corner of the smartphone screen.

Step 4. The “ Add ” button will appear in the upper left corner - click on it.

Step 5. In the " Enter URL" field, enter: Then click " Add".

Step 6. AppAddict will appear in the list of sources. Follow this repository.

Step 7. Within the repository, select the " Tweaks" section.


Step 8. Click on the name of a tweak and you will be taken to a screen presenting the program. Here you should click " Install".

Step 9. On the next screen, click on " Accept".

This will start the download AppSync - a progress report is displayed on a black screen.

Do not try to minimize the loading window by clicking on "Home" - you will just abort the procedure ahead of schedule!

After the installation AppSync is complete, the iPhone will restart again. But even this is not all : Experts are recommended upon completion of the boot Appsync download any application through iTunes and by synchronization to transfer it on a mobile device. This is necessary for the correct operation of a hacked gadget.


If you can't download any tweak for a hacked iPhone due to the fact that the gadget refers to the "SSL error", you will need to install SSLPATCH From Cydia - A small patch created by Programmer Ryan Petrich. This patch corrects the error caused by the SSL connection vulnerability.


Pangu is not the only computer utility that allows the user to install jailbreak on Apple smartphone with your own hands. To perform this task, it is permissible to use programs Evasi0N, RedSn0W. However, we prefer exactly an application developed by Chinese craftsmen - primarily for its simplicity. It is impossible to get confused in Pangu - the utility has only one button, even a child will cope with it, not to mention an experienced user.