How to make a beautiful selfie?

To create selfie, it suffices to bring the frontal camera of the smartphone to yourself and click on the shutter button. But if you want to get a cool selfie, then everything is more complicated. In this case, you need to follow our advice.

The shooting of the so-called "self" was invented many years ago. However, the popularity of such a style gained only with the development of smartphones. First time, many people did not understand why such devices are a front camera - video call then cost huge money. Only later, the owners of smartphones realized that with the help of a small lens above the screen, you can take pictures of yourself. Our advice will help you if you do not reach a new level, then at least make an impression on friends and girlfriends. You will quickly realize that it is possible to make a cool selfie without much difficulty.

Natural lighting - the best

There are several rules of perfect selfie. The search for natural light is one of them. Even professional photographers with appliances for several thousand dollars prefer to shoot in nature, since natural light will not replace anything. In nature, you will be lit uniformly, the contrast from the snapshot will be perfect.

However, be careful! If the sun is shining on the street, then the appearance of glare is possible. It will be better if the luminaire will be left to the right or to the left of you. In no case can the sun be behind your back - then you will not even save the mode HDR.

Rate artificial lighting

Of course, I want to be photographed not only on the street, but also indoors. In case of artificial lighting, it is necessary to spend on preparing for shooting at least a couple of minutes. Come to the source of lighting a little closer and appreciate how it affects the tone of your skin. If the result does not like it, then go to another light source.

The most important thing is to face the lamp. Otherwise, your face will plunge into the darkness, the smartphone may not cope with its illumination. You can also sit on the right or to the left of the light source - this will take a picture more supreme. You can even more strengthen the effect, slightly tilt the device. Such frames are ideal for AVU. But do not overdo it, a person should not to view the picture to tilt the head of the side, barely without breaking his neck.

You can not only tilt the smartphone

when shooting calves you have to rely on the device itself and on the head - the rest of the body in the frame is usually Not visible. But this does not mean that in each frame it is necessary to fool, the cord of faces. No, the variety can just slightly tilting the head left or right. Turn it all the stronger until you achieve an ideal angle.

Do not keep your smartphone above the head level, unless this is a group photo. And it is not at all not necessary to look into the lens - try to throw a look somewhere aside. All this allows you to get very interesting frames, sometimes even mysterious.

Do not turn lips

At one time it was very popular when shooting a selfie to squeeze lips and literally twist them out. In the people, such an expression was called "Dakfeis". For some reason, such photos likers liked such photos. But now it is even clear to them that such expressions of persons are far from normal. Much better looks ordinary smile.

If you cannot smile in front of the camera, then remember some funny moment of life. As a result, you are if not shine, you will definitely smile.

Remove the camera from its face

If you wish to make a cool selfie, then you need to come up with how to accommodate more space in the frame. To do this, you can get a smartphone with with a wide-angle chamber. But if your budget does not allow you to do this or you simply already attached to your device, then buy yourself monopod . With it, you will be able to push the smartphone from your face about one and a half meters. As a result, the snapshot will become more understandable - a person will be able to consider the background and determine where you are. This will allow you to stand out against the background of a huge number of monotonous selfie.

In a separate material, we wrote how to use self-stick . There is nothing difficult in this. Of course, it is absolutely not necessary to take a monopod with you absolutely everywhere. Practice shows that quite good pictures are obtained without it. Self-stick will be useful somewhere on vacation when you want to get perfect photos.

Note: With the help of a monopode, you can take a picture of yourself on the main chamber. And it takes off most often much better than the frontal.

Use an alternative to the shutter button

If you do not have a monopod, then most often you will take on the phone, Press the virtual shutter button. Thus, you call some shaking, because of which the photo can get blurred. Most often, this happens during artificial lighting, when exposure increases up to 1/15 seconds. Correctly removed in such conditions using alternative buttons. In particular, you can click on one of the volume level control buttons. On some smartphones, you can press the power key - this will also lead to the creation of a picture.

There are other alternatives. You can purchase Bluetooth button, which allows you to remotely press the shutter button. Some devices allow you to give a voice command. For example, SAMSUNG smartphones perceive the word "take a picture". There are also special applications for self-shooting , which make a frame almost automatically when your face is located in the right place. And sometimes such functions receive both standard camera applications - this applies not only to South Korean products, but also Chinese smartphones .

Adjust the balance of white and exposure

Digital cameras are very poorly working with light and flowers. With artificial lighting, certain problems may occur. Also, the smartphone is experiencing some difficulty at dusk if there is a large number of snow. If you notice that your skin has an unnatural color, then try changing the white balance. Now make it allows any smartphone.

As for the exposure - under this word, it is implied how light or dark it turns out a snapshot. This parameter can also be adjusted. And many people do not know this, trying to shoot in full automatics.

Edit your pictures

Do not think that experienced photographers get a masterpiece immediately after clicking on the shutter button. No, they edit their photos in various graphic editors. So you can also process your selfie in third-party applications. To do this, you do not need to include a computer, now many such programs exists on the Android operating system. You can make sure that you can read the article "The best graphics editors" . With the help of such applications, you can turn the ordinary selfie into a very unusual picture, which will definitely stop the person leafing Instagram.

Overlay filters

Many photos are good by themselves. Selfie can single out a well-applied filter. In particular, this should help those who reflect on how to make a beautiful selfie budget smartphone. The simplest cameras are removed with different artifacts, they are not able to give a clear picture. The filter can hide technical flaws.

Now the filter laying function has many pre-installed programs " Camera" and " Gallery". Also filters are available in Instagram and many other customers social networks. Not do without them and in the photo edits.

Summing up

The list of our tips came to an end. The most important rule when shooting Selfie - fantasize more. Believe me, your snapshot, most of which occupies a person, no one will appreciate. Try to invent something new - go somewhere, take a picture against the background of the attractions, create anything unusual... Surprise the viewer! And try not to abuse the front camera - you do not need to remove selfie every day in large quantities. From this, their value only falls.