How to look better on video calls

With the rise of video conferencing, vlogging, and even the appearance of various personalities on television through a remote connection, look good during video calls becomes more and more important. However, many people fail to do so. Pundits, politicians, YouTubers, models and even style experts can look terrible on webcams.

So how do you look good during video calls? In short, you need to make the most of what you have. Follow the tips below to find out how to blow everyone away!

It's actually very important to look good during a video chat, especially when it comes to official meetings (of course, we don't mean close people who most often don't care how you look).

Here are 13 things to consider when talking and recording content on a webcam :

  • Use your device good quality.
  • The microphone is one of the most important components.
  • Wear presentable clothes.
  • Neat background.
  • Do not get too close or far away from the camera.
  • The light should fall on the face, not on the back.
  • Look at the camera, not at the screen.
  • Look at the webcam from above, not from below.
  • Don't move too much.
  • Set up a workspace for the webcam.
  • Rehearse.
  • Check the results with a friend.
  • Be yourself.

With so many tips out there, let's take a look at them all and finally find out how to look good on your webcam!

Quality webcam

Don't expect great results with a cheap webcam. If you really want to look good, you need to get a decent external webcam.

There is enough time to prepare between connecting and using the device. So use it for tests, preferably with chat programs or video recording applications. This will provide the opportunity to make any changes and fully customize the device to your taste.

Good microphone

Microphones built into laptops and webcams are usually are pretty mediocre. To sound good during video calls, it's best to use an external microphone. There is a huge selection of specialized devices available on the market. Buying one of these will improve the overall presentation and increase the sound quality.

A good option is the Blue Snowball iCE, a USB microphone that works with both desktop and laptop computers.

Look presentable

Good style is one of the main ways to look good. It doesn't matter if you work from home or give interviews on TV. So, don't forget to take off your pajamas and put on something more appropriate. Yes, you are at home, but the first impression is very important.

Get your hair and, last but not least, your teeth in order. Comb your hair, floss, brush your teeth. For female users, we advise you to spend a sufficient amount of time applying makeup.

When it comes to clothing, opt for darker tones, as bright costumes can be confusing and ruin the overall impression, as well as affect lighting.

Background, background and again background

Plain white wall - pretty boring, and piles of rubbish are distracting and not very pleasant. Experiment and see what you can do to create a nice background with no clutter and minimal distractions.

If this is not possible, there are dedicated webcam applications that can blur the background. For example, Skype, like many other programs, has a built-in tool with such a function.

In addition, various webcam backgrounds are available on the market that can be attached directly to a chair. They are mostly made in gray, blue and green colors for use with chroma key. This means that you will be able to insert any background with the program, although in most cases this is only suitable for post-processing. However, it's the perfect backdrop for when you're using your webcam to record YouTube videos.

Find the correct distance

If you are too far or too close during a video call to the webcam, it's very distracting! It is best to maintain a static distance with the camera. A good rule of thumb is to keep the device at arm's length.

Work on the lighting

If possible, change the light source before using the webcam, do it. Try to illuminate the face, preferably a little from above. If the room has a window, then sit in front of it, because there is nothing better than natural light.

Glare and blur are hard to avoid, but try a few different positions to get the best results. If it is not possible to sit in front of a window or use a good lamp, then try placing another monitor right next to the webcam. Open the display to something very white and increase the brightness to the maximum. A phone or tablet can also help.

Look only at the camera!

Quite often, especially during video chats, the image of the interlocutor can be distracting, because of which you look a little away from camera, not the device itself.

One of the main rules of video calls is to look directly into the camera. There are a few tricks you can use here:

  • Stick a piece of paper with an arrow pointing at the camera.
  • Move the chat window as close to the camera as possible.
  • Write hints on the sticker and place it next to the camera.

In addition, you need to look at the camera from above, not from below, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Find the perfect angle of view

Always remember that even a small change in camera position can have a huge impact. meaning. This is especially important when you're vlogging, appearing on TV, or attending an online interview.

That's why it's important to look at the camera a little from above. If you have worked on other aspects of a presentable look, but ignore this advice, then painstaking work will lose any meaning.

In short, if you look at the camera from below, you will get the effect of a double chin. That is why it is worth placing the webcam a little lower; if you are using a laptop, put some books under it.

Minimize the number of movements and do not tighten

A large number of movements during a video call can cause Problems. First, it is very distracting. Secondly, it may cause pixelization of the video stream and significantly reduce the quality. Therefore, you need to minimize movements.

In addition, you do not need to bend back or forward, as this may distract the interlocutor and lead to a loss of concentration / attention.

arrange place

If you often use the webcam, then you should equip your Workplace, in order to have a decent background, and all the necessary funds were at hand. This includes lighting and fixing the camera on an ideal height.

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment, comb, decent shirt and basic makeup (for girls), because in this case you can immediately start the chat with a webcam and look as much as possible.


knowledge of what to say increases confidence and helps produce good impression. If an important meeting awaits you ahead, then make sure you know the main points that you need to convey. Do you need statistics or other data? Before starting the chat, repeat and check whether everything is in place.


If you are not sure whether it is ready for an important video call, let's talk with a friend in Skype and ask his opinion. A close man will certainly help detect any problems with your appearance, lighting, background and sound. Make it in advance so that it is possible to make the necessary changes before an important event.

Stay yourself!

The desire to look good can easily lead to copying and imitation to other people. However, it is not worth it! Just stay yourself and keep calm.


Regardless of whether you lead a video blog, make a video call, participate in videoconferences for work, stand up As a guest on a network or online television listed above Tips will surely help create a good appearance.

It is always worth remembering that the first impression is very important: do not let yourself and others because of uncertainty, unpreparedness and uncertainty!