How to install wallpapers for the phone (Android)

Oddly enough, with the installation of wallpaper, not every smartphone holder is coping with. Although it is done very simply, which will confirm today's leadership.

Once upon all, we all used by push-button mobile phones. In those days, there was a lot of WAP sites with pictures. To download wallpaper on the phone, it was necessary only to know the resolution of the display. Now everything has become more complicated. But if you master this topic, you can change the wallpaper at least every day!

What are the wallpapers?

Android wallpaper is a normal image that is constantly shown on your desktop. The exceptions are live wallpaper, but we will talk about them just below. What then is the complexity? It would seem, download any picture from the Internet and put it as wallpaper! But not so simple. You may easily face such cases when the image is stretched in width or height, as a result of which it looks not in the best way. This is due to the fact that you have found a photo of an inappropriate permission.

Before searching for a suitable picture, familiarize yourself with the resolution of the display of your smartphone or tablet. The image must have the same permission. Or at least exactly the same aspect ratio.

There are many sites with which you can download wallpapers adapted to one or another permission. More details to learn about them you can, again, closer to the conclusion of the article. In the meantime, let's try to understand how to find out the desired permission and what to do after? The display resolution is defined in the characteristics of the device. Just enter the name of your smartphone in the search and go to the page of this device, say, in Yandex. Market. In the list of specifications, you will definitely see the screen resolution. A more complex and long method is the download of any benchmark. For example, many device parameters displays Antutu Benchmark . This way is useful if you do not know or forgot the name of the smartphone.

By the way, it is not necessary to select a picture with the resolution you need. If necessary, it can be trimmed with a one or another application. It may be some a photo editor for Android . And you can use the computer where there is GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and other similar programs. When cropping, you should navigate either on the resolution of your display, or to the ratio of its parties.

Installation of wallpapers with a standard method

There are two most popular methods for installing wallpaper on the smartphone:

  • The standard method is when you find a picture on the Internet, after which put it on your desktop yourself;
  • Using a special application - it contains a lot of wallpaper, which are cut into your screen automatically.

If you have already found a suitable image in a global web, then it remains to be put as wallpaper. This is easy:

Step 1. Go to " Gallery" or any other application that displays the pictures contained on the smartphone.


Step 2. Select the image you want to always see on the desktop. Click here on the vertical Troyaty, which will open a small menu of options.

Step 3. Press " to set both wallpapers."

Step 4. Select where exactly you want to put the wallpaper. Usually, in addition to the main screen, the lock screen is available here. You can also simultaneously install one image on both screens. In our case, we are interested in the work desk - that is, " the main screen."

Step 5. On many smartphones, then you will be shown to you how the desktop will look like. If it suits you, then click on the " button as the wallpaper".

On tablets and some smartphones may require image cropping. So you can adjust it under the screen so that the picture look perfect.

Using third-party applications

It is much easier for installing wallpaper to use third-party applications. For the Android operating system, there are very much developed. The database of each application stores many images broken into categories. You can only choose a picture and install it as wallpaper. The rest of the program will make for you. Let's look at your actions on the example of using the application HD wallpaper :

Step 1. Install and run the program.

Step 2. Press the " Overview button". You can also log in in the application - then it will learn to memorize your settings when moving from one device to another.

Step 3. Now you can choose a picture that you want to put on the main screen. To do this, you can walk by category, see the latest added images and familiarize yourself with the choice of users.

Step 4. When you find the appropriate option - press the red button. Also, the program allows you to put the picture "Like", comment on it, download to your smartphone and install on contact.

Step 5. Cut the picture as you want. After that, click on " tick".

That's all! There are other similar applications. The functionality is similar - only the images themselves stored on the server differ.

Installation of live wallpaper

With the light hand of developers HTC, live wallpapers were greatly popular. From static they differ in the way that the picture is in motion. Clouds swim across the sky, through the foliage of the forest at times, the sun's rays are peeled, its inhabitants run on the anthill, the curtains on the window from time to time pegs... in a word, live wallpaper is no longer an ordinary image stored in JPEG format. But this is not a gif animation - it is something more complex. Therefore, live wallpapers usually apply as separate applications.

Find and install live wallpapers using Play Market. In most cases, they are distributed completely free. Most often, only such wallpapers need to be installed, other actions from the user are not required (although sometimes some settings are still entered).

Please note: Live wallpaper is quite strongly loading the processor and consume energy. If your smartphone has a weak battery and not the best characteristics, then from living wallpaper should be refused.

Where to download wallpapers for Android?

Now you know how to install wallpapers for Android. It remains only to understand where you can download interesting images that I would like to see on the desktop constantly. And there are a huge amount of such storage sites. Here are just the most popular of them:

  • Wallpapershome - thousands of all kinds of images, each of which can be downloaded in one or another permission (Popular options for PC, Android, IOS and Mac OS are available). Photos here are most often downloaded by the users themselves.
  • WallpapersCraft - here contains photos that are fitted under the screen of smartphones and Apple tablets.
  • - The section with wallpaper here is divided into a couple of dozen categories, so that the choice becomes not so complex.
  • Social networks - Of course, a variety of various pictures for the desktop can be found in Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Spaces and other similar sites. There are even individual groups containing a huge number of wallpaper. However, not everywhere the images are sorted by permission, so in some cases you have to independently enroll the picture.
  • TOP-ANDROID - This site allows you to choose not only ordinary pictures, but also live wallpapers. However, the selection and download of content here is not realized here.


On this, our guide comes to an end. As you understood, install wallpaper on your smartphone is completely simple. Now you will handle such a task in a couple of minutes! Much more time will go to search for pictures - the very one that will have to do you like.