How to install the navigator to the phone (Android)?

Navigator is an indispensable utility for those who often travel and needs a faithful assistant to move within the city or country.

Almost all of the modern Android devices Navigator from Google is set by default. If you wish, you can download any other similar application from Play Market to your smartphone. Next, we will tell you how to install the navigator on android and configure the basic parameters.

How to install navigator from Google

Annex of the card from Google was pre-installed almost on all modern Android Smartphones. This is a free navigator with which you can receive information about road workload, create lists of favorite places and put routes. How to install the navigator on the smartphone:

Step 1. If the application is missing in the default loaded list, then load it manually. To do this, launch Play Market and use the search for keyword "Maps". On the page that opens, press "Set" or "Update" to download the application to the phone.

Step 2. Run the navigator. To pave the path in the navigator tap on the blue button "on the path". At the top of the page, specify the points of departure and arrival. Here, select Type of Transport (Personal Car, Public Transport, Walking).

Step 3. When you specify the points of departure and arrival, you can view examples of available routes on the map. If you pave a route for personal transport, you will be available for you "Path and Parking", where you can see traffic loads.

Step 4. If you pave a route for a pedestrian walk, you can see other details. To do this, press "by steps". Here are the pedestrian crossings and other safe places for the intersection of the road.

Step 5. Click on the blue button "on the path" to start moving along the route. To do this, follow the voice recommendations of the navigator and the directions on the map.

In general, the navigator from Google boasts to the developed maps of cities and high accuracy of building routes, and most importantly, can be used without registration.

How to install Yandex Navigator

instead of cards from Google you can download free on your smartphone or tablet any other Similar software. Read more about the best navigators for Android Read in our selection of applications. Next, we will tell you how to install and configure the navigator from Yandex :

Step 1. Open Play Market and find through the search application "Yandex. Navigator". Press "Set" to start loading.

Step 2. Take the terms of the license agreement and issue access to the microphone access to the navigator (to control the voice), to the location data android device.

Step 3. The city map opens. If you allow the application to use the microphone to access voice commands, then to build a route, say "Hi, Alice" and specify the address.

Step 4. You can also specify the destination manual. To do this, go to the main screen and click on the icon in the form of a magnifying glass. Here, select a category from the list (for quick search) or enter the address.

Step 5. Press "drove" to build a route. Once again, tap "drove" to start moving or "Cancel" to select another destination.

Almost all popular navigators are available in Russian and boast of high accuracy of constructing routes. But do not forget that the accuracy of the navigator depends on the technical characteristics of Android -Es.