How to install Russian on android?

Android operating system was very widespread. Its actual free of charge launched the hands of the Chinese. Even small companies from this country have begun to the production of smartphones. Often they make focus on the low cost of their creations. Of course, selling your products, these manufacturers are trying not only in native China, but also outside the country, using certain online stores. And sometimes the buyer faces one problem - the device received by them has an interface made in English or Chinese. In this article we will show that the Russification of the Chinese android does not constitute anything complicated.

Using the Android menu

It should be noted that by default, Google introduces support for several tens of languages ​​to its operating system. There are among them and Russian. The manufacturer of a smartphone can get rid of certain languages ​​- for example, to reduce the amount of memory, which will occupy the OS. But the practice shows that recently large and not very companies have ceased to touch the linguistic packages.

It should not be noted yet not to note the fact that when you first start the smartphone should offer to choose a language. This applies to almost all versions of Android. If he does not offer you this, then the device has already launched to you. But it is not scary, as to install the Russian language on Android, you can hardly blindly. To do this, make the following:

Step 1. Go to " settings". If you have instead of English - hieroglyphs, then focus on the appearance of the icon, which should be similar to the gear. In the latest versions of the operating system, it can be found not only in the menu, but also in the notification panel, if you extend completely.

Step 2. Proceed into the section " Language & Input. Usually, next to his name is the simplest image of the globe.

Step 3. Press " Language. He is at the very top.

Step 4. You will be offered a list of languages ​​sewn into the operating system. Choose among the options " Russian.

On more modern smartphones, the procedure for action will be slightly different. As a rule, the desired parameter is hidden in extended settings, in other submenu, or simply does not have any identification signs. Especially problematic in such a situation, changing the language of the system is not from English, but from Chinese (relevant, if you ordered a smartphone with Aliexpress). If this is your case, then try the following:

Step 1. Go to the settings (as a rule, this is an icon in the form of a gear) and led in the search bar "Yuyan" or copy the hieroglyphs "语言".

Step 2. Now find the hieroglyphs "语言" list in the list. Please note that different submenu is displayed during search. Therefore, select the line that also ends with hieroglyphs "语言" (or simply switch between each row in turn). If you are all done correctly, the language selection menu opens. It remains here to find the right one. In our case, this "Russian". After that, the system language will be changed.

If the smartphone is in English, then change the language in the same way. Just instead of the hieroglyphs, we look at "Language", and then set the desired parameter.

That's all! However, as we have already told above, the list may not be Russian, if the manufacturer decided to ignore it. Then you need a special program for Russification.

Using the MORELOCALE 2

in Google Play is not so many cracks, as I would like. One of them is Morelocale 2 . The application is free and compatible with a huge number of devices. In fact, it contains all those linguistic packages that are available in the Android operating system by default, to the impact on the Chinese manufacturer.

First you need to establish this program. After that, make the following:

Step 1. Activate Section "For Developers" settings . In our recent article, it was already written about how to do it. In the case of the English-speaking version of the OS, you need to begin to proceed to " settings.

Step 2. Next, click on the item " about Phone".

Step 3. Here they tap about 7-10 times a point " Build Number". This activates the rights of access for developers, which will notify the pop-up notification " You're Now A Developer.

Step 4. Press the " Back" key. Proceed to the newly appeared section " Developer Options".

Step 5. Here you need to activate the checkbox next to the item “ USB Debugging ”, thereby enabling USB debugging mode. Download and extract it to the root of your computer's C drive.

Please note that the versions for Windows XP and later versions of this operating system are different!

Step 7. Connect the device to the computer with a USB cable. Next, launch a command prompt. To do this, open the " Start" menu and enter " adb" (without quotes) in the search field by left-clicking on the displayed result.

Step 8. Type the following into the command line: cd c:ADB. Press Enter.

Step 9. Enter the command " adb devices", then press Enter. So you will see the code name of the device connected to the computer. If the system cannot detect the smartphone, then something went wrong - it is quite possible that you are using a low-quality cable.

Step 10. Enter the following commands in order:

  • pm list packages morelocale
  • pm grant jp.c.c_lis.ccl.morelocale android.permission. CHANGE_CONFIGURATION

Note: The command line does not support the copy function. In this regard, you will have to enter all the text manually.

Step 11. Disconnect your smartphone from the computer and open the program MoreLocale 2.

Step 12. Find " Russian" in the list of languages. Click on this item.

The system will be automatically located. This completes your steps!

Russification of the keyboard

Interestingly, after changing the system language, absolutely nothing will change in the virtual keyboard. If English and Chinese were previously offered there, then they will remain after the localization of Android. Fortunately, setting the Russian language for the keyboard is much easier than for the system itself. Especially after Google made its keyboard a separate application, allowing it to be downloaded from the online store.

Step 1. Download the program Google Keyboard .

Step 2. Now go to “ Settings ” and visit “ Language and input".

Step 3. Here, click on “ Google Keyboard ”.

Step 4. Click on “ Languages ​​ ”.

Step 5. Check the languages ​​you need. Or activate the item “ System language ”, if Android is already Russified.

That's it, the Russification of the keyboard is now complete! Of course, in the same way, you can turn on the Russian language on any other virtual keyboard, if it supports it (some of them only have a Latin layout).