How to get rid of spam calls from unknown numbers

Some obsessive calls from unknown numbers can irritate and interfere with work. Fortunately, on Android there are many tools for blocking annoying calls.

In this article, we consider simple and free ways to block spam calls, but if their effectiveness is not enough for you or you are simply not suitable, then you can consider And other options, such as special services from your mobile provider.

How to set the number determinant from Yandex

Block unwanted calls and filter Spam can be used of the number of numbers from Yandex. As a rule, this application is more efficient than pre-installed phone.

Step 1. If you have not yet done this, install the program "Yandex with Alice" from Google Play.

Step 2. Open Yandex, go to the section with optional functions and select "Number Deterpetor".

Step 3. Press the button "Enable".

Step 4. To work the number of the number Yandex by the main assistant. Press the button "Go to Settings".

Step 5. Open the "Assistant" section.

Step 6. As a default assistant, install Yandex.

Step 7. Assistant will be able to receive program data, including information displayed on the screen. To confirm, press "OK".

Step 8. Press "Allow" to open access Yandex To your contacts.

Step 9. Press "Allow" to open access to calls.

Step 10. To work Yandex, it is necessary to provide several more permissions. Once again, click on the button "Go to Settings".

Step 11. Allow Yandex Display notifications over other applications. To do this, activate the corresponding switch.

Step 12. For a particular model of the smartphone, other permissions may be needed, for example, to enable automatic start and allowing Appendices in backgrounds.

After the application was set, and all permissions are included, information about the company will be displayed during an incoming call from an unknown number. So, you can find out who calls you, not even raising the phone.

How to block calls from unknown numbers

If you have not approached the identifier of the yandex number for some reason, we will look at standard ways to combat with telephone spam.

Standard Application Telephone From Google is pre-installed almost on any phone with a fresh version of Android. To get rid of calls from unknown numbers, do the following:

Step 1. Run the application phone. Most users it is displayed on the quick access panel, on the main screen.

Step 2. Press three points in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Select "Settings".

Step 4. Open "Blocked rooms".

Step 5. Translate the switch "Unknown numbers" to position included. The device will automatically block calls from undefined numbers.

In order to access all new features, including protecting the smartphone from obsessive calls, the latest version of the application must be installed. Phone.

How to block an unwanted number

Step 1. in Appendix Phone Go The "Recent" tab and hold your finger in the desired number until the pop-up menu appears.

Step 2. In the pop-up menu, select "Block / Report Spam".

Step 3. Then, check the mark next to clause "Report a call as spam" And press the button "Block". You will no longer receive calls and SMS from this number.

Please note! In order to block the number, it is not necessary to maintain it in your contacts.

Step 4. On the tab "Recent" Next to the undesirable number, the corresponding icon and signature "blocked" will appear.

Please note! If the spam message regarding a specific number was received from several users, the phone application will automatically block such calls. At the same time, manually add the number in spam is not necessary.

How to unlock randomly blocked number

But what to do if you accidentally blocked some number and person can not get through. You can control the black list in the settings of the phone, in section "blocked rooms", which has already been mentioned above. To unlock one or another number, do the following:

Step 1. Open the section "Blocked numbers", find the desired number in the list and tap the icon "X".

Step 2. Confirm the action by pressing the button "Unlock".