How to find out the version of Bluetooth on Android

Unfortunately, there are no system tools in the Android operating system itself to obtain complete information about the hardware of the smartphone. However, the desired application can be easily downloaded from Google Play.

information on the box

If you have a box from a smartphone, you can learn all the necessary information about the technical specifications of the device from her. However, unfortunately, not all manufacturers indicate such data on the box.

Information about the smartphone in AIDA64

Step 1. Open Application Store Google Play and Enter the name of the program "AIDA64". Press the button "Set".

Step 2. Wait for the installation of the installation.

Step 3. At the end, press the button "Open".

Step 4. Select Section "System".

Step 5. Find information about Bluetooth version in the above parameters.

Search on the manufacturer's website

Step 1. for In order to find a smartphone manufacturer website, enter the appropriate query in the search bar, for example " Xiaomi Official Website.

Step 2. Follow the link and find the desired section.

You can also use the search by the site.

Step 3. Find the desired model and open it "Specifications".

Step 4. in the subtitle " Wireless Networks" Locate information about your Bluetooth.

Processor Features

Support Your Bluetooth Bluetooth smartphone mainly depends on the used in It processor. To find out the bluetooth version, do the following:

Step 1. In the search, enter a request type "MediaTek Helio G80 characteristics" and open the first or second site in search results.

Step 2. In the processor characteristics, find the corresponding item.

This method can only be used if you know which processor is installed in your smartphone.