How to find out the version of Android?

If you recently used a button mobile phone, then you may not even suspect that modern smartphones are supplied with different operating systems. And it is not even about the fact that it can be not only Android, but also Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, as well as all known iOS. They differ in different smartphones even the versions of Operations! Therefore, in today's article we will talk about how to find out the version of Android, as well as the value of updates.

Why is the latest version of the Operations?

Many novice users of smartphones do not attach the values ​​of the version of the installed operating system. They take the apparatus with the hand running android 4.2, after which the instability of work and the small number of supported applications are surprised.

Depending on the version of the mobile operating system, the functionality of the device varies. In the "five of the top" and "six" so many different settings and opportunities that it is already difficult to come up with something new. It should not be noted that many utilities and games are developed with an eye on the latest Android versions. And if your device has an old version of the operating system, then some games and programs may not even start. And if they work, then with interruptions and unexpected departures. Only old applications will be able to function, which were originally designed for your version of the OS.

We will talk more about the main differences of different versions of Android next time. It should also be understood how to find out the version of the android on the tablet or smartphone. Immediately, let's say that the method mentioned works on all devices, regardless of their type and installed brand shell.

The only and easiest method

Step 1. First you need to get into the " settings". The corresponding icon can be found in the menu, and sometimes on the desktop.

Please note: The " settings button" is often available in the notifications panel, If you pull it completely.

Step 2. Scroll down and click on the " phone".

Step 3. Get acquainted with the information displayed. It is possible that the firmware version and the OS will see here.

Step 4. On some devices you need to go to the additional subsection. For example, in devices samsung, it has the name " information about.

Google introduces an interesting "Easterhouse" into each version of its operating system. To view it, quickly click about ten times on Android version. As a result, you will see the image of one or another yum, which corresponds to the name of this version. And sometimes it is possible to get even in a mini-game - in particular, it is in Android 6.0.

This is so easy to find out the version of Android on the phone. Often, this section contains information about the version of the kernel, the security level, the assembly number and other parameters. But all this is required only by professionals knowing about all this much more compared to ordinary users.