How to find out the phone model

If you are a smartphone without a box or identifying inscriptions on the housing, you can find the model in several ways.

The easiest way to see the name through settings or a special application. If you need to identify a device with a faulty screen or other defects, you can use other tricks. Next, we will tell you in detail how to find out the phone model.

How to find out the model through the settings

If you purchased the device "from hand" or want to check the authenticity of the smartphone purchased in the online store, then the easiest way to know the model through the settings.

To do this, go to "Settings" and find the section "On the phone". We need lines "Model" or "model name". Other important technical specifications will also be indicated here (for example, the operating system version).

Depending on the characteristics of the device and the firmware version, the device model can be specified in different ways. For example, it may be the official trade name of a smartphone or code consisting of different letters and numbers.

How to find out the model via CPU-Z

If the settings find the name of the model does not work, you can do this using special applications. For example, through CPU-Z :

To do this, download and set CPU-Z through Play Market And run the application. Click the Device tab. The model name will be indicated opposite the line "Model".

You can find out the brand of the smartphone through other specialized applications. For example, through AIDA64, CPU x. The principle of operation is about the same.

Other methods

Find out the smartphone model in other ways. Moreover, some of them will be especially useful and with not quite ordinary circumstances. Consider them below:

via Gmail. At the authorization in account Google, security alert Gmail comes from a new device to the mail. It contains the model of the device from which the input was performed. It is convenient if you need to remember the brand of the phone, which is no longer with you (for example, lost).

via the computer. By default, the Android device model is specified when the smartphone is connected to a USB computer. This method is convenient because it allows you to find out the characteristics of even the turned off or non-working phone (for example, with a broken screen).

If you have a device with an extracted battery, then the number and brand of the model will be listed either on it or under it (on the smartphone itself). In this case, information can be encrypted into the code. Get to know the trade name will work through the search engine.