How to find out the output power of a USB port?

Information about what power of the current can transmit your PC via USB port, it is useful in different cases. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find out.

Many of the modern devices are powered by USB, and therefore it is important to have an idea of ​​how much energy is able to give each of the ports in your laptop or computer. It is necessary to know if only because some gadgets consume much more current than the port is able to give. Thus, the risk appears to output the connector or provoke much more serious consequences, for example, closure and subsequent ignition (but this happens extremely rarely).

USB ports are far from the same. Laptops and PCs can be supplied with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors. Both are used to connect an external periphery, which in turn is designed for a current of different loads.

Knowledge of the output power of the USB port will help solve problems with a shortage of nutrition under certain conditions.

For example, many consider it convenient to charge the phone from the computer, but not all laptops are capable of working in charging mode. Frequently, users face too slow smartphone charging. Explanation There is a simple: not all USB ports can give the phone as much energy as it needs for more or less fast battery replenishment.

Fortunately, the output power of the USB port is recognized without complex manipulations

How is the USB port output power checked?

To find out the power of the USB port of the computer or the laptop, download the free USBDEVIEW program. It is portable, it is not required to install.

The first thing you see after launch is a complete list of connected devices and USB ports present on your computer. Active connectors are highlighted by a green flag. You can find out detailed information about the port by clicking twice in his name. A complete list of information opens, in particular when it was used for the last time whether the devices are secure at the moment and so on.

Among all the parameters, find the "Power" string. It displays the output power of the selected USB port in milliamperes. This is the information required to find out.