How to find out how much memory remains on the iPhone?

The functionality of modern iPhones is very wide, however, to use many functions (for example, "live photos"), you need free memory. In the article, we will tell about the easiest ways to get the ROM space on iPhone under control.

Owners of iPhones from 128 or 256 GB do not have to worry about the fact that the memory of the gadget is overflowing - they need to be very tried to "score" the whole place. But the owners of devices with 16 or 32 GB can only be ambiguous - such small integrated memory volumes do not allow the use of modern devices "on the full coil".

Expand the memory of "apple" gadgets, if necessary, will not be able to - everyone knows that flash drives microSD are not put in iPhones. Therefore, the owner of the device with a small amount of ROM should take a disk space for rigid control - it cannot afford to store unnecessary applications or photos from a long forgotten picnic. And of course, he should periodically check how much free space on iPhone remains. Such a check can be made by 2 ways.

How to see the memory on iPhone through "Settings"?

Memory Checking through " Settings" is the fastest way. Act as follows:

Step 1. Go through the path " settings" - " main" - " about this device".

Step 2. In the subsection " about this device", find the lines " Capacity" and " Available.

in the string " Capacity" is indicated how much ROM memory on the iPhone, and in contrary " Available" The number of free gigabytes is prescribed.

Do not be afraid that the total amount of memory is slightly smaller than the manufacturer declared. The iPhone does not consider the place that is occupied by the iOS system folder.

If you are curious where the memory was moved, you can go to subsection " statistics, located in the section" main".

In the subsection " , the statistics" also indicate the volumes of free and busy space. In addition, there is a kind of layout, from which it becomes clear which applications consume the greatest number of megabytes.

In our example, it is obvious that the overwhelming share of the busy space falls on the musical collection.

How to find out how much memory remains on iPhone, through iTunes?

To check the memory via iTunes, you need to perform such actions:

Step 1. Connect the device to the USB cable PC and launch the mediacombine.

Step 2. Go to the Device Management Menu by clicking this button:

Step 3. Pay attention to the multicolored strip at the bottom of the screen. It reflects the memory state of the gadget.

Favoring the mouse cursor to segments of different colors, you can find out how much of the memory is available on information of this or that type (program, music, documents).

The free space is reflected in a gray segment.


The method of checking the memory via iTunes can not be called preferred: the user must look for a USB cable and run on the mediacombine computer in order to Get a low-informative report. Check the memory through " settings" is much simpler: such an analysis does not require access to the computer and at the same time it is able to please the user with the most detailed output.