How to find a lost phone on Android?

In the former times, the loss of a mobile phone in 99% of cases meant that you will have to buy a new device. But with the advent of the Android operating system, the situation in the root changed. Contributed to this and improving network infrastructure. If earlier the mobile phones were extremely rarely connected to the Internet, now they are online almost always. This allows you to find through the Internet as your smartphone and tablet. Now we will tell about how to do it.

For whom this article?

Today's material is written for those who or already lost the phone, or afraid to face his disappearance. Best to know in advance about all the search methods to act as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the search methods considered today are not suitable for all devices. They are practically useless for budget smartphones and tablets, if such are not endowed with a GPS chip. Also, you should not focus on our article to the owners of very old gadgets operating under the management of Android 2.2 or an earlier version of the OS.

Please note: Find off the phone is most often impossible. Search is amenable to only those devices that are included, and which activated account Google.

Home Search

The most popular phone search method, which was popular during the time of push-button models. Just call your number from another machine. Not at hand of another phone? Then you can make a call from a computer, with Skype - if only on your account there was at least some amount of funds.

As soon as you make a call, the melody will play on your smartphone. This will allow the sound to determine exactly where the device is lying. Of course, this option is suitable only for those cases when you are sure that the device lies somewhere in the depths of the blanket or under the chair. If you have lost it outside your apartment, then the call may not help. And certainly such a method does not allow to find a stolen phone on android.

Looking for Samsung smartphone

Now many manufacturers are implementing their own search service of the lost tablet or smartphone. We will talk about the work of such a function on the example of the device from samsung. It works if the smartphone is connected to the Internet and there is an SAMSUNG account on it - do not confuse it with a separate Google account . Of course, you need to know the login and password of this account. As a login, an e-mail that you specified during registration.

If you want to find a smartphone through a computer, then make the following:

Step 1. Go to the site Samsung Account .

Step 2. Click on the button " Login".

Step 3. Enter login and password. You can put a tick opposite item " to remember my identifier, if you are going to continue to use the service in the future.

Step 4. Press the blue button " Log in".

Step 5. Now press the " button to find the device.

Step 6. You will get on a completely separate site. Here you need to press the button " to find.

Step 7. You will again have to enter your username with password, and then press the button " Login".

Step 8. Next, you will fall on the page with the card. Literally after a few seconds, the service will receive data from the GPS chip smartphone, after which the device will appear on the map as a blue marker.

Step 9. If you have several South Korean gadgets, you can choose the desired one by the corresponding item located in the upper left corner.

This service allows not only to see the location of the smartphone, but also to block it or erase all user data at all. And you can also call it - it is relevant in cases where the device rolled under the sofa or remained in the pocket of the outerwear. Similar services provide many other manufacturers of smartphones.

Using Google account

Google has entered its operating system with a remote search for smartphone in 2013. Since then, millions of people have successfully used. It acts by analogy with the SAMSUNG service discussed above. Of course, the smartphone must be able to transfer data to the Internet, it should be included in it to track the location on GPS satellites, and the Google account must be present on it. Finding a device using a PC or any other device on which a browser is installed is simplified as much as possible:

Step 1. Go to a special website created by Google.

Step 2. Log in - in this case, you must enter the same username and password that are used on the smartphone. If the default email address is incorrect, then change it by clicking on the link " Sign in to another account". When you are done with entering the password, click on the “ Login ” button.

Step 3. Next, you will be taken to the page with the service Google Maps, where the location of your smartphone will be displayed. If you have several devices, then you can select the one you need using the field in the upper left corner.

This service also allows you to clear the device of user information, block it, and also make a call. If at the moment the smartphone is not connected to the Internet, the service will provide information about the date of the last connection.

The service is called Android Device Manager. Its operation must be enabled in the smartphone settings. This is done as follows:

Step 1. Go to " Settings".

Step 2. Go to the " Security" section.

Step 3. Go to " Device Administrators".

Step 4. Check the box next to " Android Remote Control".

On more modern Android devices, the service is called "Find my device" and can be hidden in a variety of subsections. For example, on smartphones with the MIUI shell, the procedure will be as follows:

Step 1. In the settings, select the item "Passwords and security", and then go to the menu "Privacy".

Step 2. Here, find and select "Special Access" and select "Device Manager Applications".

Step 3. Make sure that there is a checkmark next to the line “Find my device” (on some smartphones, the function may be called Find my Phone or something else). Then you will be able to remote control the device.

If you find a menu where the device administrators are not turned on, then use the search for settings.

Using third-party applications

questions on how to find the lost phone on Android does not arise from those people who enjoy antivirus. The fact is that such applications are most often endowed with the function of remote search for the location of the smartphone. In particular, it is available in the following antiviruses:

This function is also included in the very useful utility CM Locker , which serves for enhanced personal data protection.