How to find a lost laptop?

Your laptop lost or stolen can be disastrous. But there are ways you can use to protect your laptop and prevent data breaches if you lose your device.

In addition to setting a password, we recommend using one of the built-in tracking tools offered by Windows and Apple. The features are quick and easy to turn on and provide a reliable way to track down a lost or stolen laptop.

How to find a laptop on Windows

Microsoft has enabled the Find My Device feature for computers running the Windows 10 operating system. Enable this feature to be able to track a lost laptop.

Step 1: Go to Update & Security in Settings.

Open the Start menu, go to Settings, and then to Update & Security.

Step 2: Click on "Search device".

Look at the sidebar, and click on the “Search for device” option. In the window that appears, you will see a heading that says "Searching for device: ___". If it says "OFF", then click on the "Change" button to enable the function.

Step 3: Sign in to your Microsoft account.

If you want to track the location of your laptop, go to the Microsoft account page and sign in with your profile information. After that, select the "Devices" section, where a list of all devices will appear. Go to the laptop page and select "Search for device". You will be redirected to another page where Microsoft will show the computer's location on a map, as well as the last closest location it found. If you click on the name of the device, a pop-up menu will appear that can show additional information about the last known location of the laptop, as well as two options: "Find" and "Lock". The first will show the laptop's current location, not just the last found closest location, and the second will allow you to lock the device.

How to find a laptop on Mac

On computers running the MAC operating system, the tracking function is called "Find MAS" - it allows you to determine Location of laptop on the map.

Step 1: Open the ICloud settings.

Go to the menu and select "System Settings". Then click on the icon of the icloud: This may require log in with the Apple account data if you have not yet done.

Step 2: Click "Find Mac".

Review the icloud parameters and click on the "Find Mac" function. Make sure the checkbox is checked there. If it is not, then click on Chekbox, and then select "Allow".

Step 3. Go to

Now that the function is enabled, you can find your laptop by entering from your Apple account. After logging in (perhaps you have to confirm that you trust the device on which you work), select "Find iPhone" to get started.

Step 4. Find a laptop on the map.

Next, the menu opens all devices associated with your account. Select MacBook from this list, and ICloud will display a map showing where the device is located. You can do so that Mac reproduces the sound, or display the configured message on the screen. In addition, you can even remotely block your Mac password to prevent access.

Additional Applications for Tracking and Protection

Built-in tools for Windows and MacOS are great for ridiculous when you want to quickly track your laptop. However, they do not offer a large number of different security features. If you need enhanced protection, you will have to resort to the installation of additional software. More thorough protection is incredibly useful in the event of theft, but it may be excession from the point of home devices. Nevertheless, we can recommend several options to pay attention to.

PreyProject's Prey

Prey - a very useful application in which you can add immediately devices. If you lose one of them, the application will track the device, and also blocks it. In addition, the program is able to extract data and include alarm clock, in order to help find a lost laptop. If necessary, you can use Prey to complete any data from a computer, which will help keep your privacy.

If it comes to tracking criminals, the application can also create reports on evidence with information about the location of the device. There may be images taken from the laptop camera, and then used by law enforcement agencies. Prey offers several different levels of service, but the basic package is free and is able to track up to three devices.



Hidden is another application designed to track exclusively MacOS and iOS devices. The tool is able to show the location, take photos, register keystrokes, write voice messages, include remote access and much more. In addition, using Hidden, users can remotely manage all information on their devices, as well as delete confidential data. Tracking up to three Apple devices allows a basic package that costs $ 2.99 (about 230 rubles) per month. However, there is a cheaper option that allows you to track only one device: the price is 1.67 dollars (OKLO 130 rubles) per month.



depending on which type Laptop You want to find, there are several built-in features and third-party applications that will help in achieving the goals. We provided a small, but useful list of methods that protect the computer in case of its loss or theft.