How to Exit Google Account for Android?

In one of the past articles, we were told about how to create account Google. However, we did not mention the ways to exit it. And these knowledge can also come in handy.

on Account Google contains the most different information. These are contacts, and SMS messages, and the list of applications downloaded in Google Play, and much more. If you do not want all this data to get in other people's hands, then before passing the smartphone to another person, delete the account. In particular, delete the Google account on Android needs before selling the device. It also does not prevent this action if you decide to give a phone to a member of my family.

Some people are trying to remove some people before selling the deviceso that the buyer does not recognize the payment details and did not know what exactly the applications were downloaded. But in fact, this action is not required. It is enough to exit the account as the Android operating system will be cleared almost from all your personal information. Only photos, music and other media files will remain.

Method 1. Deleting an account in the settings

should now be understood how to exit the Google account. And this is done very simple:

Step 1. Go to "Settings".

Step 2. Scroll down the list by selecting "Accounts".

Step 3. Select Account Google.

Step 4. Press three points located in the upper right corner. In the junction menu, select "Delete Account".

Step 5. Confirm your desire, after which the account will be deleted.

On smartphones with an urgent version Android The procedure will be slightly different. Instruction:

Step 1. In the settings, find item "Accounts and Synchronization" (may have another name). And here select "Google".

Step 2. A list of connected accounts opens. Select the one you want to disable. And in the page that opens, press the button "more".After that, press "Delete Account" and confirm the action.

Method 2. Through the file manager (with root-rights)

If it did not work out Google account on android in the above way, then others will help you. For example, you can do this through the file manager, but at the same time you need to have superuser rights (that is, root rights). What is it and how to get - read in Article How to get root rights to android?

Having such rights, we get access to the "root" of the system and can directly delete protected service data as regular files. For example, Google Account.

Step 1. Run the file manager (for example, Root Explorer ) and go to the DATA / folder / System.

Note: on CM10 firmware (4+) accounts.db is in / DATA / System / Users / 0 /

Step 2. Find the ACCOUNTS file . DB and click on it, after which the context menu appears, where we can choose "Delete".

Step 3. Ready - After this account, Google will not be on the smartphone, but at the same time it will not be removed by the com.

Method 3. Reset to factory settings

If you have not been able to exit Google account on Android, you can try to do it radically, dropping the phone to factory settings.

WARNING: In this case, you will permanently delete all (!) Information on your smartphone, such as: search queries, installed applications, contact lists, contacts, Files, passwords. Therefore, before proceeding to the described method, we strongly recommend transferring important files to another media (for example, on memory card or in cloud storage ) and make a backup of the data (read How to make backup for Android? ).

If you familiarize yourself with the warning above and do not mind that all information is erased, then follow the next steps.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" and find item "System".

Step 2. Open menu "Optional" and select "Reset settings".

Step 3. Press "Delete all data (reset to factory settings) ".

Step 4. Read what the data will be lost, and click on "Delete all data". To confirm the action, you may need a password from a smartphone or a graphic key.

Step 5. Ready! Now you accurately got rid of Google account on your smartphone. Well, and from all other information too.

Note that a similar option on earlier Android systems (on examples, 10 version was demonstrated) may be in the tab "Reset". It may have a name (for example, not "Resetting", A "Data Reset" ), but you can easily orient on the description.

Method 4. Exit an account through Google Settings on PC

What should I do if there is no access to your smartphone? For example, you lost it or sold, did not come out of the Google account and worry that the third party can take advantage of them for their own purposes?

In this case, you can exit the account from the desired device through the Google settings using the computer or other smartphone. Obviously, you need to be authorized on a PC or smartphone in Google account (that is, know the login and password and log in).

Good news is that it is possible to sneak in the account settings in several ways - through YouTube, Gmail, search engine Google and etc. For example, on YouTube :

As a result, you will find yourself on the main page of the settings.

Step 1. Go to section "Security" in the left menu.

Step 2. Find the window "Recent Account-related Actions" And click on it.

Step 3. You will see on which devices the account is also authorized at the moment. In my case, this is my smartphone. To exit, click on the line selected in the picture.

Step 4. Press "No, protect account".

Step 5. The system will suggest changing the password. After his change, there will be a way out on all authorized devices, and the person will have to re-enter it. Press "Change password".

Step 6. Enter the old password.

Step 7. Come up with a new password.

Step 8. Ready! Now you can not worry that someone will use the Google account on the old device.

To check this, I will use the smartphone where I was previously authorized. The system will immediately notify that the user needs to perform actions with the account, namely, enter a new password.

the following:

Other ways that do not work on all devices

Below we have collected methods that, unfortunately, do not work for all devices (personally, they did not bring me results on Android 10). However, we simply cannot ignore them, because, perhaps, they will help you.

Method 1: Delete Google Play data

The first thing you can try is to delete the service data Google Play. That is, clear all the information that this application has collected during use (account data, search queries, and so on).

Step 1. Go to Settings and select Applications.

Step 2. Find the line " Google Play Store", click on it.

Step 3. Click on Storage & Cache.

Step 4. Select Clear Storage and confirm.

Done. Even if it didn't work, it could be the reason why the first method described in the article failed.

Method 2: Deleting Google Services data

The next method is a logical continuation of the previous one. Now you can try to delete the data of all services Services Google. To do this, also go to "Settings" and select the section "Applications", and then follow our short instructions.

Step 1. Find the line "Services Google Play", click on it.

Step 2. Click on Storage & Cache.

Step 3. Select Clear Storage and in the appeared window, click on "Delete all data".

Step 4. Confirm the action.


The simplest and working way to exit from Google account on the Android phone is The one that we described at the beginning - using the settings. If you can't do it for any reason, we recommend using root rights, change the password or delete the data with Luzhb Google. To drop smartphone to factory settings should be resorted only if other methods did not help, but remember that so you will lose all data on the device.

If you know other ways to get out of Google account on Android, share in the comments - we will gladly add them to our material!