How to establish a voice assistant "Alice" on the phone

Alice is a virtual voice assistant from Yandex. The assistant recognizes speech and can simulate a dialogue, give answers to common questions, search the Internet, and perform other simple tasks.

Voice assistant is free and available for download through the Play Store. In total, there are several applications with a built-in assistant from Yandex. Therefore, further we will talk in detail about how to install Alice on an android phone.

Applications with built-in "Alice"

Voice Assistant" Alice" only works with native applications from Yandex. Therefore, the easiest way is to download the assistant already with a browser or other services (weather, mail, news, etc.). It will not work separately.

Yandex with Alice

The simplest application with a built-in "Alice", which provides quick access to all Yandex services on one screen. Among the functionality are services such as news, weather, web browser, TV online, automatic caller ID, discounts, currency quotes, traffic jams, etc. The application is ideal for those who want to continue using their usual browser, but need additional services and a voice assistant. Read more about how to install Yandex with Alice below.

"Yandex Browser - with Alice"

The application is a regular Yandex web browser with a built-in voice assistant. The browser boasts advanced features for working on the Internet.

The application has built-in modes " Incognito" (for anonymous web surfing) and "Turbo" (for faster downloads with a slow Internet connection), automatic data protection when work in public networks Wi-Fi. An ideal choice for those who, among other things, are looking for a replacement for the browser.

Yandex. Launcher with Alice

Unlike the first two applications, Yandex. Launcher with Alice allows you to fully customize the interface mobile device. After installing it, you can not only use all the features of the voice assistant, but also customize the appearance of icons, menus, widgets. In addition, the application is suitable for device optimization. This is an ideal choice for those who need the Alice voice assistant and other Yandex services with full customization of the user interface.

How to install the Alice voice assistant

If you only need a voice assistant, we recommend installing the Yandex with Alice application on your phone ". Instruction:

Step 1. Open Play Store and use the search to find the application "Yandex with Alice". Click "Install" to start the download.

Step 2. Press Open to launch the application and complete its initial setup.

Step 3. Scroll through the promo page and check out the features of the application and select "Get Started".

Step 4. Press "Allow" to give the application access to the location, microphone. So you will receive more accurate recommendations (as well as information on traffic jams, weather) and will be able to use the voice assistant.

Step 5. On the main page, click on the blue icon with a white triangle (in the lower right corner) to launch Alice.

Step 6. A list of voice assistant features will appear. Ask any question by voice or write it in text to get started with Alice. For example, to play a song, say "Alice, turn on the music."

Step 7. Click on the blue inscription "All Skills" to see the full list of helper features.

On this process, the "Alice" setting ends. With this manual, you can download other applications with a built-in assistant. After that you can use a voice assistant on your phone. To do this, it is enough to run "Alice" through the label on the main screen.