How to enable the "Find iPhone" function?

Apple recommends that all Apple users turn on Find iPhone. If this function is enabled, finding a stolen device is a matter of five minutes. The article will tell you in detail about how to activate Find My iPhone.

Apple mobile devices with iOS version above 5.0 have an excellent security mechanism called "Find iPhone". The function allows you to remotely block a lost / stolen gadget and find out its location. Thanks to Find My iPhone, the number of reported thefts of "apple" devices around the world has significantly decreased - in London, for example, by as much as 50%.

Russian users, alas, have not yet "tasted" Apple's "anti-theft" function - many of them do not believe in its effectiveness; someone even suggests that in this way America is watching the Russians. In fact, the search mechanism proposed by Apple is effective. It makes sense to abandon paranoid prejudices in order not to shed tears after stealing an expensive device.

How does Find My iPhone work?

Find My iPhone allows the user to:

  • Find out the geographic location of a lost gadget. You can only find out where the device is located if it is connected to the Internet.
  • Remotely delete all smartphone content.
  • Activate Lost Mode on the device. It is impossible to use such a gadget - it will be possible to sell it only for spare parts and then for next to nothing.
  • Remotely trigger a loud buzzer on the smartphone to make searching easier.

The function can be used only if it is activated on the mobile device itself and if the owner of the gadget remembers password from your account in iCloud.

After losing an Apple smartphone, the user can go to under the account information that is activated on the device, select the "Find iPhone" section » and see a map of the city, on which the location of the gadget is marked with a green dot.

The owner of the lost “mobile phone” needs to turn on the “Lost Mode” and move out in search. It is better to grab a friend with you, who also has an "apple" device - but only with the "Find iPhone" installed application. Through the application you can play on the lost device signal.

More detailed instructions for the use of the "Antivetor" technology of Apple is present in our article on whether how to find the lost iPhone.

How to enable the "Find iPhone" function?

Setting the "Find iPhone" function on a mobile device as follows:

Step 1. Go to the " ICLOUD" in " settings" iPhone.

Step 2. Enter the Apple ID and password from it - if you have not done this before.

Then press " Log in."

Step 3. Give agreement to combine the data stored in ICloud and on the iPhone - or refuse if you want to separate the "flies from the kitlet". Also allow iCloud to use an iPhone geoposition.

These two requests will appear on the screen sequentially one by one.

Step 4. Scroll down and find the iphoneslider .

Translate it to the active position.

Step 5. A notification appears on the screen that the "Find iPhone" service will be activated. Press " OK".

Step 6. It remains to check whether the function "Find iPhone" in " geolocation services is enabled. Go again in " settings" and follow the path " Privacy" - " Geolocation services".

In the " of geolocation services" is the subsection " to find the iPhone"- Visit it.

Make sure that the same token is activated.

This check is very important. If the service "Find iPhone" does not use geolocation, see the lost gadget on the map will not be able to see.

On our site there is an article dedicated to that How to disable the "Find Iphone" function.

What is Activation Lock?

Useful addition for the service "Find iPhone" called " Activation Lock" (or " Activation Lock") first appeared on iOS 7. Supplement allows you to "tightly" block the mobile device attached to the Apple ID account - that is, actually turn the smartphone into the "brick". It will not help to reanimate the gadget neither flashing or recovery in DFU mode.

"Activation Lock" is, in fact, there is a "disappearance mode", which was mentioned earlier and which can be enabled on the website of ICloud.

with the active " activation lock" enter an Apple ID will have any Once you need to perform the following actions:

  • Deactivate the "Find iPhone" function.
  • Delete information from the gadget.
  • Re-activate the smartphone.

That is, an attacker who stole the gadget will detect that he has an apparatus in his hands with whom he cannot do anything. The most reasonable thing for the thief will contact the owner and, pretending that I found a gadget, to propose to return the device for a symbolic remuneration.

The user needs to be careful and activate the "disappearance mode" only after the password from the Apple ID is recorded in all sorts of notepads and computer programs. If he lost the password or forget him, he himself will not be able to return to the device to the device. Under such circumstances and service centers, and Apple's support service, and even computer hackers will be powerless.


to a person who activated the "Find iPhone" function on his "mobile phone", it will have to refer to privacy The credentials of their Apple ID is very serious. If the data is in the hands of the attackers, they will get the opportunity to block the gadget and, by changing the password from ICloud, to blackmail the owner of the mobile device. This method of fraud - not "from the field of fiction"; Recently, more and more users suffer from such unlawful actions.