How to enable T9 on Android

T9 is a text dialing system for mobile devices that predicts words using the built-in dictionary (can be edited by the user).

Unlike other similar systems, T9 significantly accelerates the set of words and the first to substitute those that the user is being mentioned most often. Almost on all modern keyboards it is set by default, but if there are no prompts when entering text, then we will also tell you how to enable T9 on android and customize the dictionary.

How to enable T9

If during the input text at the top of the keyboard does not appear prompts, then you can enable them through the settings. You can do it almost through any application where you can cause a keyboard.

In this manual, we will use GBoard. This is a keyboard from Google, which is installed by default almost on all modern Android devices. If you use another application, then the settings may differ slightly (and the T9 function is completely absent). How to enable T9 :

Step 1. Call the keyboard and click on the icon in the form of a gear to go to the settings. In the window that opens, tap on the string "Correction of Text". ​​

Step 2. Slide the slider "Show the prompt string" and "to prompt words" to the state is included. In addition, you can enable or disable the filter of obscene words, allow or prohibit the use of contacts as prompts.

Step 3. On the same page, in section "Corrections", you can configure auto execution errors when entering, enable or disable spelling check, as well as change other parameters.

After that, during a set of text messages, the system will guess and offer words. For more accurate prompts, you can configure the user dictionary.

Interesting fact : T9 This abbreviated form of phrase "Text on 9 Keys", which can be translated as "Text set by 9 buttons".

How to set up a dictionary for T9

In order for during the text set, the system gave the most accurate prompts, you can customize your personalized dictionary and add the necessary words to it, abbreviations. Instructions:

Step 1. Go to input settings. To do this, call the keyboard and click on the icon in the form of a gear. In the page that opens, select "Dictionary".

Step 2. Click on the line "Personal Dictionary", and then select the desired layout (if you work with several languages). In our case, this "Russian (Russia)".

Step 3. Tap the button "+" to replenish the dictionary. After that, enter the word and its abbreviated option. Press the button "Back" to save the changes.

Step 4. Custom words will be displayed in the list. To delete unnecessary, select it, and then in the page that opens, tap on the icon in the form of urn. Or simply make edits (for example, if initially a word with an error was added to the dictionary).

Step 5. You can also delete all added words from the device. To do this, in the dictionary settings, press the button "Delete added words".

Step 6. You can replenish your personalized dictionary and improve the quality of T9 prompts directly from the keyboard. To do this, enter the desired word and before making the spaces tap on it in the prompt row. It will automatically be saved in the device's memory.

With the help of a personal dictionary, you can significantly improve the accuracy of the system T9. In addition, do not forget to remove from it and those words that have been added by mistake. Then they will no longer be offered by the system.