How to enable modem mode on Android

so ​​that the Internet has always been on hand, it is enough to learn how to distribute it from your smartphone. How can this be done, consider below.

How to distribute the Internet via USB

Step 1. Connect the smartphone to a computer using a USB cord. If this is the first connection, wait until the required drivers are installed.

Step 2. Open Android settings. To do this, pull down the curtain of the notifications and click on the gear.

Step 3. Select Section "Network and Internet".

Step 4. Open " Access point and modem".

Step 5. Activate the switch near paragraph "USB modem".

Step 6. The Internet on the computer will be connected automatically. The USB modem works can be found from the notification area.

Please note! Similarly, you can connect a Bluetooth modem. It is enough to choose the appropriate item in the Android settings menu.

How to create a wireless access point

The wireless access point is created even easier. In order to create it, it is enough to do the following:

Step 1. Open the notification curtain and click on the appropriate diagram. It will become active - this indicates that the wireless access point is already running.

Note! To quickly get into the wireless access point settings, simply hold your finger on the corresponding chart in the notification curtain.

Step 2. Go to section "Access point and modem", and select "Access point Wi -Fi".

Step 3. Edit the name of the wireless network and Password to access it.

Step 4. In order to quickly share with another user of its wireless network, click on the image icon QR code.

Step 5. You can scan the QR code from another device. Connecting to a wireless network will automatically.