How to enable / disable geolocation on iPhone?

Geolocation is the process of detecting the location of the iphone. Unfortunately, the importance of geolocation is taken to underestimate despite the fact that without it will not be able to use the navigator, to attach geotags to the photo, to find iPhone using the function of the same name. The users knowing the negative characteristic of geolocation - "voraciousness": turning off the function, it is possible to significantly increase the duration of the autonomous operation of the gadget.

Fortunately, the procedure for activating / deactivating geolocation is quite simple - during the use of the navigator you can turn it on, and the rest of the time is to be turned off.

How to turn off geolocation on iPhone?

The user meets a request to activate geolocation at the initial setting of iPhone and, as a rule, confirms it by ignorance. Therefore, the question of disconnecting geolocation is more viciously than on the inclusion. It is necessary to deactivate the function:

Step 1. In " settings", find the section " Privacy" (on some versions of iOS - " Privacy") and go to it.

Step 2. Blies in the " geolocation services" - he is first in the list.

Step 3. Switch to the geolocation servicein an inactive position.

Step 4. Confirm your intention to deactivate geolocation - press " Turn off".

Please note that the iPhone has the ability to be a flexible setting: you can allow one applications to use geolocation, to others to prohibit. To do this, adjust the sliders located in the block below.

For example, when configured, as in the figure you can use navigation, but they will not be taken geotega to your photo.

When flexible configuration, the main toggle switch " of geolocation services" must be enabled.

Do I need to disable system services geolocation?

Subsection " System services" is located at the very bottom of the block with a list of applications that need geolocation.

A user who visits this subsection will see the following:

Before deciding whether to disable geolocation for system services, you should figure out what functions are designed to perform at least some of them.

  • Geolocation iAd. The iPhone sends information to Apple about where and how fast the user is moving. This is necessary so that the owner of the gadget can receive only those promotional offers that are relevant for him from a geographical point of view.
  • Popular nearby. iPhone periodically shares information with Apple about the places where the user has made purchases. The information is anonymous and is required solely for statistical purposes.
  • Traffic jams. The iPhone sends GPS coordinates and speed information to Apple. This is necessary to replenish the traffic database.

The system services listed are common to most versions of iOS. There is no need to describe all the services - and so it is clear that their main goal is to collect confidential data about consumer preferences and send information to Apple. People who claim that Americans are watching Russians through smartphones are not so far from the truth.

If you do not want Apple to keep track of your movements and purchases, replenish its statistical databases, switch the toggle switches in the “ System Services ” section to an inactive position. It is recommended that all Apple users do this: there is no benefit to the owner of the iPhone from the services, but the charge is consumed faster because of them.

How to enable geolocation on iPhone?

The algorithm for enabling geolocation on an iPhone differs only slightly from the method of disabling it described above. The user also needs to follow the path " Settings" - " Privacy" - " Services Geolocation". In the last section, he will see that there is only one slider (the main one), and there is no list of applications using geolocation.

It is necessary to activate the toggle switch, then disconnect from geolocation those applications that do not really need this function.

Are geolocation and GPS the same thing?

Users who think that geolocation and GPS are synonymous are wrong. Geolocation is a general concept associated with the location of the device; GPS - the trademark of the American satellite navigation system. Most often, geolocation uses GPS technology - hence the error about the equivalent concepts.

However, in order for geolocation to be available, it is not at all necessary to include GPS - other ways to calculate the positional data are possible:

  • via Bluetooth. The location of the object is determined using special beacons Beacon, which are located in public buildings - airports, hypermarkets. In terms of accuracy, this technology is inferior to GPS, because it provides a reliable result only if the object is fixed.
  • based on mobile stations. The smartphone knows which it is the GSM signal to be sent to it to it and where this station is located. Therefore, using a special application containing the database of stations, you can use geolocation and without GPS. Significant results with this method will be able to achieve in megalopolis, where the network coverage density is large, but in small cities to determine geolocation through the stations is problematic.
  • based on the geomagnetic field of the Earth. Navigation based on the geomagnetic field of the planet is the idea of ​​Saratov scientists. Each point of the Earth has a unique set of characteristics for which it is possible to locate an object (including an iPhone). Technology is only tested, but now it is issued great advances.

Despite the fact that geolocation and GPS are various concepts, and there are several ways to calculate the positional data, at the moment is quite accurate It is possible to determine the location of the object only through GPS.

What if geolocation does not work?

If geolocation does not work, it is hardly possible in the mechanical breakdown of any iPhone part (for example, the GPS module). Most likely, the fault lies at the program level. What should I do if the function refuses to function?

Step 1. Take a section " Geolocation Services" and make sure that the geolocation is activated for a specific application.

Step 2. Check if the Internet is enabled on the iPhone. The network allows you to more accurately position the device. Go to the " cellular communication" settings and make sure that the "Cell data" slider is in an active position.

Step 3. If the above steps did not give the result, reset the settings by halfning a backup (copy formation instructions here ). Go through the path " settings" - " main" - " Reset" and select " erase the content and settings.

With such a reset, all data from the iPhone will be deleted.

Check whether the geolocation is necessary, it is necessary to "clean" the smartphone, that is, before recovery from the backup. If the function still does not work, you should contact the service.

More often with problems with geolocation, the owners of the iPhone with jailbreak are faced. Such users are recommended to be installed from the store Cydia Tweak called LIBLOCATION : It is completely free and contributes to the best positioning of the hacked gadget.


If you do not know what geometry to the photo, and consider Excess the navigation in the iPhone, most likely, the geolocation function is absolutely not needed. It is recommended to turn it off - due to the least you can achieve that your gadget "lived" offline longer. Do not forget about deactivation system services, which no benefits do not bring the owner of the gadget, but the battery is fixed faster.