How to enable developer mode on Android

The developer mode is hidden from ordinary users of the settings menu, which is mainly intended for the development and flexible setting of the smartphone.

Find the developer mode is easy. However, it is worth noting that on different versions of Android, the location of the menu items may vary.

Please note! You can change anything in the developer mode only in cases where you understand what you do. The mindless change in settings can cause software itself, and in some cases even lead to a device malfunction.

Developer mode in Xiaomi Miui

Step 1. Open Android settings. To do this, lower the notification curtain and touch the gear in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Open the section "On the Phone".

Step 3. Press several times "MIUI version". At the bottom of the screen, an inscription "You are almost at the target" will appear, and then - "You have become a developer".

Where are the developer mode settings

Step 1. Open Android settings and go to section "Extended Settings".

Step 5. Find item "for developers". It is at the very bottom.

Step 6. Check that the switch "Developer Mode" was turned on. Here is most of the hidden Android settings.

The developer mode on other smartphones

on other smartphones to enter the developer mode can be similar Image:

Step 1. Open Android settings.

Step 2. Find item "On the Phone". It is usually at the very bottom.

Step 3. Scroll down and find "Assembly number". Click on it several times. The screen will appear inscription indicating that you have become a developer.

Step 4. Return to the main menu of Android settings and select "System".

Step 5. Press "Advanced" to open additional parameters.

Step 6. Press the "for developers" button to open the hidden settings menu.

Step 7. The switch at the top of the screen indicates that the developer mode is available. Just click on it if you need to remove the hidden settings from the menu.

Please note! On some smartphones, the developer mode disappears automatically, for example, after rebooting the system. In this case, to enable it again, do the same sequence of actions.