How to download video with YouTube on android?

Previously, we were used to the fact that any content on the Internet was available for download. Now we are surprised that some restrictions are imposed on this process. For example, the official YouTube client does not have a magic “Download” button. Of course, some time ago the program received a preload function that allows you to watch videos without access to the global network. But this feature does not work on every device. Let's try to figure out how to download videos from YouTube to your phone.

Use of Videoder

Unfortunately, Google is very protective of the rights of content owners. And if a person uploads a video on YouTube, then he implies that they will watch it only through this service. That is why there are no official download options for such content even in the computer version of the site.

This strictness is also noticeable in the example of applications designed to ensure that the user has at least some opportunity to download videos from YouTube to the phone. They are removed from Google Play after a certain time. Therefore, you will have to look for all the utilities discussed today on third-party resources. Interestingly, many such applications have been around for several years, with regular updates. For example, Android owners can download Videoder from spring 2014. We advise you to install the latest version of this utility, which is distributed completely free of charge, and then perform the following steps:

Step 1. Run Videoder.

Step 2. Further, there are several ways to find the video that you need. The simplest of them is to press the button " Search".

Step 3. Enter the title of the desired video. Here you can also enter the name of the channel, in which case further you will be able to independently select a video from the provided list.

Step 4. Press the search button located on the virtual keyboard.

Step 5. Click on the video you are interested in.

Step 6. This will take you to the page with the required video. Here you can choose permission and in some cases even the frequency of the downloaded video. Click on the format you need.

Step 7. You will return to the search results again. Click on the " download icon" located in the upper right corner.


Step 8. Here you will see the process of downloading all videos set for download. Also in the future you can watch the video exactly using this tab. But no one will hurt to use and some third-party video player.

Step 9. You can also change the path where videos are saved. For example, you can save them not to the built-in memory, but on a microSD card. To do this, pull the corresponding curtain from the left edge of the screen containing the main menu.

Step 10. Go to " Settings". Here you can change not only the default path, but also the color of the application interface.

With this utility you can download videos not only on your smartphone, but also on the tablet. Do not forget to update the program if the developers have released a new version of their creation. The link to it will be contained in the notifications panel.

Using TubeMate

TubeMate This is another application that is not on Google Play. It also allows you to download video from YouTube on Android without any problems. You can work with this utility in two ways. The first consists in the following actions:

Step 1. Run TubeMate.

Step 2. When you first start, you must agree that the downloaded video will not be used for commercial purposes.

Step 3. On the main page of the application, click " Search".

Step 4. Enter the request you are interested in and find the desired video.

Step 5. Here the video search is actually no different from that in the official client. Gradually, you will fall on a page with a video. Here you must click on the " button", made in the form of a green arrow.

Step 6. By analogy with the previous utility you will be offered a list of formats. Select the desired and click the " button", located just below.

Step 7. You can monitor the download progress using the notification panel.

Step 8. You can go to the list of downloaded videos by dragging a separate section from the right edge of the screen.

Step 9. If you click on the ellipsis located to the right of the video, you can access various options. The creators offer to play the video, move it, delete it and perform other actions.

Step 10. You can change the current video folder in " Settings". The transition to them is carried out by pressing the corresponding button in the main menu. It pops up when you tap on the ellipsis located at the very top of the screen.

As for the second method, it is similar to the previous one. But initially, it is not TubeMate that is used here, but the official YouTube client. When you find some interesting content, you should click the “ Share ” button, and then select TubeMate from the list that appears. Further actions do not differ from those described above.

Using the online service

) One of the most popular services for downloading videos from Youtube is Savefrom. It is available both from a computer (via the web version and a special browser extension) and from a smartphone. You don't need to install additional applications to use it, however, with Savefrom you can only download videos in certain formats (MP4 in 720p, even if the video was downloaded in 4K format). Instruction:

Step 1 . Through any browser go to Youtube and open the video you want to download.Click on the address bar and add two letters "ss" before "youtube" to the link. For example, the link "" needs to be changed to "" and go to this address.

Step 2 . The Savefrom website page will open with the video already selected. If necessary, change the video format and click the Download button. The download to the smartphone memory will start.

After that, the downloaded video can be found in the downloads folder (location depends on the browser and other settings).

When might this be needed?

Of course, downloading videos is not always convenient. It is much easier to watch interesting videos online. But in some cases it is impossible. For example, you can go to the village where they didn't even hear about the fast Internet. In this case, it's easier to download the necessary videos on Memory Card so that then at a convenient time to look at them.