How to download video from Pinterest on Android

If you are using Pinterest, then most likely viewing a lot of useful material. But not all friends enter Pinterest. How then will share with them interesting content?

Photos are stored in the device's memory in a couple of presses - for this there is a special possibility. But to keep the video to your gallery need a special application. It is good that such programs are enough in Google Play. Consider how to download video from Pinterest on the example of one of them.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1. Run Application Store Google Play.

Step 2. Enter the phrase "download video from Pinterest" in the search string. Then find the program with the biggest estimate of users, for example "Video Downloader for Pinterest", and click on it

Step 3. Press the button "Set".

Step 5. Wait for the end of the installation process.

Step 6. Press the button "Open".

Step 7. The application warns that it needs permission to save files. Press "OK".

Step 8. Select "Allow".

Step 9. Copy the link to the video from Pinterest, which you want to download.

Step 10. If the link was not inserted automatically, press the "PASTE" button.

Step 11. Press "Download" to download the video into the device's memory.

Step 12. Wait a little.

Step 13. Press three points next to the file.

Step 14. Select "Open" to open the file, or " Share " to share it with other users.