How to Download Music to iPhone without iTunes?

Running iTunes Each time you wish to add your iPhone music library with new compositions - quite troublesome and long case. There is an alternative program that allows you to upload music files to the device and transfer them from the memory of the gadget to a computer without synchronization - itools.

ITools does not claim the functionality of the media player iTunes in terms of the organization of the music library, but this is not necessary for many "apples".

iTools is suitable for computers with Mac OS and Windows operating systems. For 2016, the use of this utility is the easiest, fast and, that is important, Apple approved way to download music on an iPhone without iTunes.

Where to download itools?

The ITools program was developed by Chinese "craftsmen" from Thinksky, so it is the most common version with hieroglyphs. On the Internet, you can find both Russified versions, however, set ITools is recommended only from of the official website - there is an English-language program that will be completely clear to any user.

Install the program is needed by such an algorithm:

Step 1. Press the button " Download NOW" on the title page and Expect when downloading the installation file to the computer will be completed.

Step 2. Run the installation file and click the " Install NOW button.

If necessary, before installation, you can change the download path and parameters " to create a shortcut on the desktop" and " to create Label on the taskbar"through the drop-down menu" More Option". The installation of the program takes less than a minute.

Step 3. Press the " Launch button" and proceed to use ITools.

Note: iTools will not work if the computer does not set iTunes, because it needs the official libraries of the official utility.

How to download music with ITOOLS?

Load Multimedia Content on iPhone or iPad This way:

Step 1. Connect the gadget with a computer using a USB cable. After the connection, you will see that a funny charge indicator appeared:

The use iTools starts with the section " Device", Which can be called the main thing. This section provides information about the iPhone model, version of the operating system, the presence of jailbrek, the number of full charges. You can also see what share of the shared memory is occupied by files of certain types (photos, music and so on).

Step 2. Go to the " Music section (" Music"). You will see that there are two tabs from the side: the first is called " Local Music" and is indicated by the icon with the image of a stationary computer, and the second is named as well as the device (in this case iPhone Sony ) and marked with a gadget icon:

Step 3. Go to " Music"In the" Local Music tab", right-click on the empty space and select" Add":

Step 4. Through " Import" Select the compositions on the computer that you would like to download in memory of the gadget:

Then click " Import. Selected compositions will be added to " Local Music":

Meta-signature " ARTISTS" and " Albums" Translate from hieroglyphs to readable characters through ITools, alas, it will not be possible, but there is a possibility directly in the program to make ringtones - through simple and fast service " Make Ringtones":

Step 5. Select all files in" Local Music"and press On the " Import to Device button:

Refect - you know how to download music to iPhone without Aytyuns! But do not forget about the two features of downloading music through ITOOLS without Aytyuns:

  1. when loading the same composition through Itools And iTunes Duplicate is formed.
  2. The names of the compositions are better to translate in advance to Latin characters, otherwise you will see Chinese hieroglyphs in the iPhone player.

Pros and cons use of ITools

at the utility iTools mass of advantages over iTunes and similar software, but there are also its drawbacks. The main pluses of ITools are called the following:

  • There is no need for synchronization (which saves time).
  • The program works with gadgets and without jailbreak.
  • Music content is loaded literally lightning.
  • Ringtones are automatically converted into the format M4A and added to the list of built-in ringtones in the settings.

to the number of disadvantages iTools include:

  • Lack of Russification.
  • Lack of ability to edit the meta data of the music file.