How to Download Music on Android

If listening to music from the phone online is not possible, download previously for Android your favorite tracks and enjoy them on a trip or in any other conditions. We will talk about all convenient and simple ways to download music to your device.

If you wish to listen to music on your phone offline mode, you will need to download tracks into the device's memory. On the gadgets with android, you can do it in several ways, both from the Internet, and from the computer, if it has favorite compositions.

downloading music from the Internet

You can download music from the Internet using special applications or directly through the browser installed on the mobile device.

Applications for downloading music

To download music to the phone there are a number of applications (, RYT, etc.) available To download in the store for Android. You can find them by typing in the play line Play Market phrase "download music". Consider their principle of operation using the example of

Step 1. Download the Zaycev. Net application from Play Market.

Step 2. Run the application. On the main page you will see the most frequently downloaded tracks.

Step 3. Find the music you wish to download. You can use the search string, as well as search tracks among new or by genres.

Step 4. Selecting the song, press it for listening. If this is a really desired composition, press the button as an arrow down to download.

After the download is complete, the corresponding alert will appear in the notification panel. The downloaded song by default is in the folder "Music" ("Music") on the phone, but you can choose another in the application settings.

Other mobile applications for downloading music also work in a similar way. They are comfortable, but have a significant drawback: they can only find those compositions that are in their bases. If your favorite track is missing in them, it will not be able to download it. In this case, it is worth resorting to the next method.

downloading music through the browser

This method is convenient because it does not require installation of additional software, and also allows you to download Almost any composition.

Step 1. Open the browser installed on the phone and enter the phrase to the search string: "" Song title download ".

Step 2. Sites from which you can download the selected track will appear on the screen. Select the appropriate and go to it.

Step 3. Follow the instructions for downloading the composition on the web resource. You usually need to find the name of the track on the page and opposite it to press the button "Download". After completion, the composition will appear in the "Download" folder.

Please note that the format of the loaded file should be musical - MP3, WAV, etc. If you notice that the phone with the extension.exe or other, not related to music, will not be downloaded to the phone. Perhaps under his appearance hidden a virus or malicious software.

When downloading music through a browser, use only proven resources. This is,, and similar. Do not attend unknown and suspicious sites, because They have a risk of downloading malicious software or infect device viruses.

downloading music from PC

This method is suitable if you have a large number of music on your computer and you wish Move it into your phone. It is comfortable, because You can copy a lot of songs into the gadget. Downloading a similar number of songs through applications or through a browser will take much longer.

To move musical compositions to the device's memory, you can use a USB cable or to use cloud storage.

via USB cable

To throw out music to the phone through the cable, follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect the USB cable from the mobile device connectors on the phone and computer case. On the screen of the smartphone should appear with a selection of actions. If this does not happen, open the notifications panel and click on the window with the inscription: "Charging a USB device".

Step 2. Select "Media Device (MTP)" or "File Transfer".

Step 3. Using the file manager or through "My computer" Find PC in memory Music, select the necessary tracks and copy them.

Step 4. Go on the phone to the folder with music and insert copied songs. Wait until the process is completed.

Now you can turn off the smartphone from the computer and proceed to listen to the tracks.

via cloud storage

Cloud storages allow you not only to store files on the Internet, but also move them between devices if you log in to the cloud on Each of them. With their help, you can move music from the computer to the phone without using the cable for this. Cloudy space offer most popular search engines - Yandex, Google, Mail, etc. Choose the one in which you have an email - this will allow you not to spend time on creating a new mailbox. The instruction below is presented on the example of the storage facility from Yandex:

Step 1. Go to by reference and press "Log in" in the right upper Parts of the screen.

Step 2. Log in by specifying the phone or mail and Password.

Step 3. Select the folder "Music".

Step 4. Open "My Computer", find a catalog with songs, select the necessary and Drag them with the mouse in the folder "Music" in the repository.

Step 5. Wait for the download to end.

Step 6. Open Play Market and download the application "Yandex. Disk ".

Step 7. Log in to the application under the same login and password as on the PC.

Step 8. Go to the folder "Music".

Step 9. Press one of the songs with your finger and hold for a while to highlight it. Highlight the other tracks.

Step 10. Press the button with three points on the right at the top and select "Download".

Step 11. Select the folder in the phone's memory where songs should be downloaded. Usually it is "Music" or "Music". Press Save Here.

Please wait for the download to complete. Now the files from the cloud have been downloaded to your phone.

Download via Bluetooth from another phone or PC

This method is useful if you heard a song from a friend on your phone and want to download it to yourself. In order not to waste time searching, you can ask him to transfer it to you via Bluetooth. To do this:

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth on both devices.

Step 2. On the source phone, select a track and press to highlight it.

Step 3. At the top of the screen, click Share and in the list of possible transfer methods file, select "Bluetooth".


Step 4. Search for devices will start. Select the recipient's smartphone.

Step 5. Click Accept on the phone receiving the track. The file will start downloading.

When the operation is completed, a notification will appear on both devices.

Similarly, via Bluetooth, you can download a file to your phone from a laptop or computer if the latter has an appropriate adapter.

Paid method: Yandex. Music, Deezer, Spotify

If you use apps such as Yandex. Music, Deezer, Spotify, MTS Music or similar, or listen to music through VK, you know that they are completely free to download, but they have a paid subscription. One of the possibilities that it offers is listening to music offline without an Internet connection, which means downloading the necessary tracks to the phone's memory. Here's how it works on the example of Yandex. Music:

Step 1. Launch the application.

Step 2. To download an entire playlist (own or generated by the service), select it and click on the button "Download".

Step 3. To load a single track, click on the button with three dots next to its name and press "Download" in the opened window with available actions.

Step 4. After downloading, at the bottom of the screen, click on the "Collection" button. In the window that opens, select "Downloaded tracks".

Now you have access to all loaded songs. You can listen to them in the absence of the Internet via the Yandex. Muski interface. However, this method has a disadvantage: files are stored in an encrypted form, download them in the memory of the phone for listening through another application will not be possible.

Instead of results

You can download music to the phone six in the way. Loading from a computer through a cloud or cable will suit you if you have a large number of music on your PC and you want to move it to the phone for listening. Downloading through special applications or directly from the Internet through the browser are relevant for those who wish to quickly and just download one or two favorite songs on a smartphone. Loading music via Bluetooth is useful for moving files from a laptop or PC to the phone, as well as in cases where you want to download music from another person's phone. If you are listening to your favorite songs through applications such as Yandex. Music, Deezer, etc., if you have a paid subscription, you can download tracks and listen to their offline, but only through the application itself.