How to download a movie on iPhone or ipad?

Viewing video on a 5-inch screen iPhone Pretty uncomfortable - there is a risk due to a small diagonal to miss the parts that are important for understanding the film. But the iPad to view movies, clips, the TV shows is perfect - this device is quite mobile, so the cinema hall can be organized even on the close seat of the minibus.

However, before viewing to view, the user needs to download the film to the device - and there are often problems here. Apad is very picky, as it recognizes only formats MP4 and M4V and requires connection to a computer to load. How to satisfy all the requirements of the capricious "apple" technology and upload a video, you will learn from the article.

File preparation

If You have already downloaded a film on a PC from the Internet or, perhaps, even bought it, check it out. Click on the file once, then right-click Menu:

The final section " properties is needed - go to this chapter.

You see that in paragraph " the type of file" is specified. AVI. This format does not fit: the iPhone simply does not recognize the file. Therefore, you will have to refer to the converter video - will suit any such software, but we will use the FreeMake Video Converter program (42], since this converter is simple, understandable and aesthetically pleasant. You can convert video to MP4 for viewing on the iPad as possible:

Step 1. Press the button "+ video" and select the desired movie on the computer double click.

Step 2. In the lower menu of the program, select the desired format - MP4.

Step 3. Adjust the conversion parameters.

in the string " Profile" It is better to leave " Original parameters", and in the string " Save in, you should select the computer folder where the file will be after conversion.

Step 4. Click " Convert" and wait for the operation to complete.

Then find the video in mp4 format in the address folder and start uploading to iPad.

How do I transfer a movie through iTunes?

To transfer video from computer to iPhone via iTunes, proceed as follows:

Step 1. Connect the device to the PC with a cable and run the program iTunes.

Step 2. In the " File" tab, select " Add file to library". You can also use the combination CTRL+O.

Step 3. Find the movie on your computer's hard drive and double-click on it.

Step 4. Go to the phone management menu by pressing the iPhone button.

Step 5. Open the “ Movies ” tab on the left and check the box next to “ Sync Movies ”.

Step 6. Select the movie you want to save to the device from the list and check the box.

You can also use the “ Automatically turn on ” function - with different settings, for example, the last 5 added movies will be downloaded to the gadget or the 3 earliest unviewed.

Step 7. Click " Apply" and wait until the sync is completed. The movie will be copied to the device memory.

It is recommended that you watch a movie on your gadget using the built-in Video application.

How to download a movie of any format on iPhone?

This method is suitable for those users who are not used to limiting themselves to frames and prefer formats that iTunes does not support - for example,. avi or. mov.

Step 0 (preliminary). First of all, you need to download from the App Store and install any video player on your iPhone / iPad. Experts Recommend AV Player : ( it supports a variety of formats, is easy to use, and most importantly, allows the user to turn off decoders to achieve the smoothest possible playback. However, AV Player is paid: it costs RUB 229. There are free and fairly high-quality alternatives: It's Playing limited version, mobile version of the famous player VLC . About the advantages and minuses of different video players from the AppStore read here. We will deal with VLC.

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the PC, open iTunes, go to the phone control menu.

Step 2. Open the " program tab. You will see such a window:

Step 3. Scroll down and find the section " General files".

Step 4. Set the cursor to VLC and press the " button to add a file".

Step 5. Lay the desired video file on the computer disk and select it.

Step 6. Wait for the postponement and open VLC on the device. You will see that the video file is already loaded into the device's memory - even synchronization does not need to be carried out.

Delete a film from the player's library VLC is quite simple: you need to make a swipe right left.

When loading movies to an iPhone, not "overestimate the forces" of its device: iPhone 4 will not pull the HD just as the iPhone 4S will not be able to play FullHD and 4K correctly. "Race for the format" is meaningless - on such a small screen you will not see the differences between HD and, for example, ATSC (480p).

How to watch movies on the iPhone through the "cloud"?

There is still a way that is undeservedly forget: Placing a video file in one of cloud storages - Google Disk, Yandex. Disk or Dropbox. This method requires sufficient memory in the "cloud" and iOS 8th version on the gadget - on the version of the version below, none of the listed applications will be established.

You can download the film to iPhone from the computer as follows:

Step 1. Open your Account Dropbox on the PC and create a new folder.

Give the folder name, for example, " movies".

Step 2. Open the folder and drag the video file into it, as the program itself advises.

You will see how the string displays the loading of the file below.


By the way, the download of the film in the "cloud" - the case is quite long: the file in 1.5 GB will have to expect 20-30 minutes.

Step 3. Run Dropbox on the gadget - you will see that the file is in the folder where you sent it. You can watch the movies right in Dropbox or download the film on the iPhone (through the button " download").

Dropbox devices from are reproduced through the embedded application " video.

How to download a movie on iPhone with jailbreak?

Download a film on iPhone / Apad C Jailbreak can also be the most familiar Russian users in the method - through torrent tracker. The most famous torrent tweak from Cydia is ITRANSMISSION 4 (repository - BIG BOSS ). Itransmission is installed on any iPhone and iPad modifications with iOS version 7. Use ITRANSMISSION Simple:

Step 1. After downloading, run the program by clicking on the icon.

Step 2. Press the "+" button in the lower left corner and specify the path to the " torrent file".

Step 3. Adjust the download parameters. You can configure the connection type, speed priority. After you decide on the settings, the file load will start.

Step 4. At the end of the download, use one of the file managers for the iPhone with jailbreak (for example, ifile or Documents from Readdle) to access the downloaded file. From the file manager you can run a movie in any of the video player installed on the gadget.

The advantage that the owners of hacked iPhone possess, obviously: they do not need to contact the computer at all to download the favorite film. However, not all users are in a hurry to start torrent trackers - this loading method has noticeable minuses:

  • Loading a file from the Internet leads to impressive losses Traffic, which is usually provided with mobile operators in a very limited amount.
  • ITRANSMISSION ( Like other trackers) - a very energy-intensive application. Therefore, the user will somehow feel like a wiring - not to a computer, so to the outlet.

How to buy a movie in iTunes Store?

At licensed content, the mass of positive sides is excellent image quality, correct translation, and Advertising Internet casino will not fit into the frame at the most inopportune moment. In addition, the films purchased iniTunes Store will be available on any gadget with one Apple ID.

You can buy a cinema in iTunes Store as follows:

Step 1. Start iTunes and in the left pane, select the " films tab.

Step 2. In the horizontal menu from above, select the " iTunes Store ". You will see such a colorful window:

Movies in iTunes Store are distributed across the selection, and it is very convenient. For example, author's lovers can take advantage of the selection of " independent cinema."

Step 3. Select a movie you want to see. In our case, it will be a picture " Remember me."

Please note : Only the G-R categories of the American rating system are presented in iTunes Store. This means that 17+ will have to be resorted to another source to load images with age limit.

The price for the full purchase of the film and for is placed just below the post. Film rental in iTunes Store - a very convenient service; costs the rental much cheaper than buying content. The film is provided for 30 days from the date of payment or for 24 hours from the start of playback (depending on what time it expires before), so if you started watching the movie, rental in iTunes Store, it is not worth it to postpone the next evening.

Movies in iTunes Store are always offered in two resolution options: HD (1280 to 720) and SD (720 per 576). In the case of the film and rental selected by us, and the purchase of content in SD costs 20 rubles cheaper than in HD. If you watch movies, you intend on a mobile device, and not on Mac, boldly switch to SD - Quality: Difference on a small screen you will not notice.

Step 4. Press the " button to buy in SD" (or " for rent in SD ) and enter Password from its Apple ID.

Take care that there is enough space to download the film in advance.

Step 5. Confirm your intention to take off the content or buy it.

Step 6. Enter the password from Apple ID again in the next window, where it is said that the purchase is not possible, click " to continue."

Step 7. Select payment method, for example, plastic card Visa, MasterCard, American Express or payment from a mobile phone. Make details and click " Finish" button at the bottom of the page.

After payment, enjoy the film - in the future it is not necessary to specify the details of the card details.

Buy the movie in iTunes Store can be from a mobile device - for this, go to the standard application " video" and click on the " store"located in the center.


Disputes about whether Russia needs in active struggle against piracy, In the near future, it does not seem to stop. The standard of living of ordinary citizens is not sufficient to buy movies and music. Farm and high prices for license content: the cost of a new film distribution in iTunes Store is 350 rubles, while a movie ticket costs only 150 rubles. Talking about the fact that it is worth to reduce prices for licensed films, it has been conducted for a long time even at the State Duma level, but so far it is pointless: only the right holder can set prices. Therefore, while Russians continue to enjoy the "pirate" cinema, the benefit of the ways to do this is a mass.