How to distinguish the present iPhone from fake?

iPhone uses incredible popularity not only among users of mobile equipment, but also among numerous Chinese manufacturers. Copies of the "apple" gadget (often extremely low-quality) are common in Russia - you can be sure that if the seller offers an iPhone for a scentual, there is no speech about the original.

It is better to buy an iPhone in cellular networks or major electronics stores - in this case, the deception is excluded. However, if you think that you give 50 thousand rubles per gadget in the cabin - it's too, and prefer the option with the purchase of "from the hands", remember that you go to risk. With such a deal, it takes particular attention to the inspection and verification of an iPhone.

Visual verification of iPhone

Visual check is not always effective, because the "Chinese masters" has already adversely adorbed the fakes, externally identical to the original. However, it is not necessary to neglect the inspection - the check will shut from the acquisition of the lowest-quality "fake" and the time will not take a lot.

Signs of the Chinese iPhone are:

The presence of two or three slots under the SIM card

Genuine iPhone It supports only one SIM card, which is placed in a special tray, taken from the device with the needle.

Removable Battery

This feature echoes the previous one. If you see how the seller takes off the iPhone battery to put under it SIM cards, immediately turn the transaction.

Inappropriate original screen diagonal

Remember these characteristics:



iPhone 4 / 4S

3.6 inches = 9.1 cm

iPhone 5 / 5S

4 inches = 10.1 cm

iPhone 6

4. 7 inches = 11.9 cm

iPhone 6+

5.5 inches = 14 cm

approach to the diagonal measurement It is not too pedantically: at the same iPhone 5 diagonal, if you are accurate, is not 4 inches, but 4,065. Because of excessive pickyness, you can miss a profitable deal.

The presence of antenna

The sellers represent an antenna as an advantage - allegedly can be listened Radio without connecting the headset. In fact, the presence of a retractable antenna is a sign "Luta" fake.

Screen grain

If you manage to turn on the iPhone before buying, it will be wonderful. Average Apple user always distinguishes the original from the fake one by one only the gadget screen - on the original there is a display created by Retina technology, characterized by a very high pixel density.

The poor-quality logo

If the legendary "thumbnail apple" on the rear facet of the device is a sticker or painted, two opinions can not be Trying to sell a copy.

Stylus included

No modern manufacturer (including Apple) now does not release gadgets with resistive displays. Among the originals the stylus in the kit can be found only at the Samsung series NOTE.

"Ruby" Sensor

If you have to apply forces to, for example, swipe right to go to another screen, you deal with "Fake".

Availability of touch buttons

On the front side of the present iPhone there is only one button - " HOME", and it is physical.

Heroglyphs in large quantities

Let iPhons and are collected in China, they are still being developed in the United States. Hieroglyphs should meet you only once - when, after the first launch, the smartphone greets you in different languages. The interface of the original device is Russified.

Please note: the inscription on the back of the gadget “ Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China ” should not scare you! Both real iPhones and fakes are assembled in China - the difference is that the originals come from special Apple factories.

How to distinguish an iPhone from a fake: other ways

signs of a Chinese fake, use other ways to check:

Check the "Settings" menu

Follow the path " Settings" - " Basic" and try to find the section " Software update". On original devices, it's right below the " About this device" section.

There is no this section in the settings of Chinese fakes.

Pay attention to the quality of menu Russification. The Russian language is considered one of the most difficult, so spelling errors in the names of sections and paragraphs of Chinese iPhones are not uncommon.

Check Siri

The presence of a voice control program Siri distinguishes the original iPhone from a fake - the Chinese integrate this program into their fakes have not learned. Just hold down the " Home" button for a few seconds and look at the result.

Go to the AppStore

The iOS operating system is closed source, so third-party developers cannot install it on gadgets. All Chinese fakes run on Android or simple self-written platforms. You can check which OS is on the gadget by visiting the application store. If Android is used, then clicking on the AppStore icon will take you to Google Play - this is another sure way to distinguish a “natural” Apple product from a fake.

If the smartphone runs on a self-written "OS", you will not be able to get into any of the app stores at all.

Connect the gadget to iTunes

This way to distinguish the original iPhone from the "fake" is the most effective and simple, but it requires a computer or smartphone at hand. If you connect an original iPhone with a USB cable , iTunes will definitely try to recognize and sync it. If iTunes remains indifferent, most likely you have a fake.

You can also check the Apple smartphone on originality in the serial number and IMEI - as it is done, read here.

Is it possible to distinguish the original from the copy of the configuration?

The object of verification when buying an iPhone should be the equipment. Remember: Equipment iPhone never changed. In the box must be:

Envelope, within which the color instruction is located. The instruction has a quality view and two stickers with Apple logo on the cover. In the same envelope there should be a needle for seizing SIM.

SZE of white Weight of about 60 grams produced at factories FoxLink or FlexTronix. There is no need for checking an IPhone scales with you: all information should be present at the charge itself.

USB cable. The original cable from the fake can be distinguished by the inscription " designed by apple..." - On the present product, it is barely visible, and the copies are inflicted paint. The cable also has a white color.

Headphones. They are more likely to distinguish them from a fake - outwardly probably full copy. "Fake" can be revealed to the power - the wire from the original headphones is softer - however, such a check makes sense only when there is, with what to compare.

the absence of one of the elements of the kit, as well as the presence of superfluous, is a signal to cancel the transaction for buying an iPhone.

Please note on such a trifle as packaging accessories: All components must be neatly laid in the box and are packed with a transparent film. The absence of film and "chaos" in the opened box do not always indicate that the iPhone is fake or used - perhaps the sellers simply used accessories for personal purposes, which, however, is also unpleasant for the buyer and is unacceptable. If there is such an opportunity, require the iPhone from the warehouse in the sealed packaging.


The huge number of Chinese fakes iphone is simply explained: Apple does not fight plagiarism in the subnet. The reasons are two: first, in China there are many small productions, to sue which large amounts will not work out, secondly, to host with Chinese manufacturers - it means to configure the largest market market. Americans themselves do not suffer from Chinese fakes: their standard of living allows them to acquire original devices and not to search for economy. But for Russians, traditionally striving for cheapness, the “Chinese flood” is a problem. To avoid cheating, you need to buy smartphones only from reputable dealers, avoid adventurous offers and pay attention to the aspects described in this article

when checking.